Why Should Meditation Bowls Be Well Chosen And How Do I Choose Between Them

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of brain and energy manipulation. Though the media picture of meditation often involves monks in red and yellow, quite a number of people still practice or try to practice the art of meditation. It is also somewhat a rare sight in pictures to see anything other than closed eyes and a somber face, there are quite a number of tools used in meditation. Meditation bowls are considered to be one of these tools.

You can use this technique to manifest anything you want with peace in mind. There are different tools available so you need to choose the right one. You can learn about the pros and cons of the techniques to have the best meditation experience. Regular practicing of the meditation is beneficial for the people. 

Meditation bowls are used to produce a sound that can aid in bringing the person meditating to a different state of brain activity. It can produce both high pitched as well as low pitched sounds, depending on its size and create different sounds depending on how it is used (hit or stroked). Essentially the bowl should make a sound dependent on what you want to achieve. This is the reason why the bowls should be chosen by the person who will use it eventually. The wrong bowl will not only make an uncomfortable sound to the person using it, it will also not achieve its purpose.

In order to choose between meditation bowls, it’s important to first figure out what you want to use the meditation bowl for. A meditation bowl can be of different sizes and materials with each size or material corresponding to a different chakra or sound.

How do you choose the right size for your bowl? Personal meditation bowls generally come in sizes of six to ten inches. The different sizes correspond to different chakras and as such, the problem area you want to focus on comes into play when choosing between different bowls. Lower chakras, for example, can be targeted by a six inch bowl.

Chakras aren’t the only thing to consider when choosing the size of the bowl. The sound and pitch of the bowl is also dependent on its size. Basically, the bigger the bowl, the lower the pitch; which is why you have to figure out which sound it is that you want to produce. Some people can’t stand high pitched sounds and buying a small bowl that creates somewhat of a shriek will definitely not relax your system.

Once you’ve gotten size out of the way, you have to choose the material your bowl is going to be made out of. A meditation bowl can be made out of two materials, crystal or metal. Metals produce complicated sounds that are ideal for variety, while crystal bowls create a specific sound. Trying out the bowl a few times will allow you to make up your mind about the sound it makes.

When choosing meditation bowls it’s important that you choose the bowl based on what you like to hear during your meditation as well as what you want to heal or focus on. That way, not only will your bowl be pleasant on your ears, but it will also produce the desired effect. At the end of the day your bowl should speak to you, through its sound.

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