Ways To Stop Snacking At Work

One of the reasons why most people are having difficulty in losing weight is because of their uncontrolled snacking. Eating between meals often occurs at work while in the office. Food cravings are truly a tough task to control and if you are not motivated enough, you are bound to stay longer on your weight loss plateau.

Unmanageable snacking is a sign of body’s imbalances that includes adrenal imbalance, hormonal imbalance and neurotransmitter imbalances. These factors have great influence on your mood swings, making you irritable. It can also cause you stress which triggers a signal to the brain that you need some nutrients and you need to eat to satisfy these signals.

Snacking isn’t that bad especially if you know what type of foods to eat. What makes snacking a bad habit is if you always looking for those foods that are delicious and flavorful. These foods are known as sugary-carb loaded foods, salty to fatty foods and of course alcohol or too much caffeinated drinks.

Snacking at work is a global problem not just for the people who are continuously practicing it (health wise), but it is also a big burden to the company as it takes a lot of time from their employees work load. Fortunately you can do something about this issue and help prevent yourself from getting addicted to snacking and maintain a healthy weight. For employers, you can hit two birds in one stone if you follow these simple instructions on how to teach your employees to behave properly at work.

Smart ways to Stop Snacking at Work

Make yourself busy all the time

Staying occupied at work is the best way to prevent snacking at work. Most people will always grasp for something to eat if they have nothing to do in their workplace. Making yourself busy during office hours will certainly help divert your mind from eating or drinking your favorite beverages. You don’t have to trick your mind here, just keep busy and do your job properly.

Eat breakfast

A healthy diet always start with a healthy breakfast. Remember to eat sufficiently in the morning before you go to work to avoid food cravings in-between meals. Your breakfast must be a combination of protein, carbohydrates, small amount of fat and fiber, all of which will help you to stay away from hunger. Do the same routine at lunch to avoid unhealthy snacks in the afternoon.

Relax and identify what triggers your snacking

Before stress hits you at work, plan ahead on how to counter your snacking triggering factors. Identify all these factors that drives you to snack at work. Is it your co-workers habit to snack? Is it the vending machine? Think all the factors and write it in a paper and stick it into your desk wall so you will be reminded every time your food cravings shows up. This can help you avoid snacking and focus more at the work at hand.

Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best that you can do to avoid food cravings at work. It will keep you hydrated and fuller until you reach lunchtime. So reach some water in your office pantry instead of buying some sodas or too much coffee.

Chew a gum during work

Chewing a gum is another trick that you can do to divert your attention more to your work instead of snacking. A mint flavor gum can help you avoid eating while the gum is still in your mouth. It will also help freshen up your breath and will help you not to eat junk foods that will cause you bad breath.

Bring your own healthy snacks

Instead of munching junk foods at the office, try bringing your own healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetable sandwich. It will make you more healthier and will prevent too much carbs and calorie intake, as both constitutes to weight gain.

Don’t bring excess money at the office

Having excess money means you have the power to spend on everything else, and that includes snacks. To help yourself get rid of unhealthy snacking at the office, make sure that you bring exact money for all your expenditures throughout the day. This includes your transportation and your lunch. This way you won’t just avoid snacking at work, but you also save money in the long run. Just make sure that you bring your credit and debit card for emergency purposes.

Take appetite suppressant pills

Want to totally avoid snacking at home, office or just anywhere and anytime? If yes, then appetite suppressant pills can help completely solve your problem. Appetite suppressants are very known and popular as there are actually hundreds of pill brands in the market today. To avoid confusion and scam pills in the market, I compiled a diet pill reviews for you to choose from. These pills are clinically proven and safe for consumption. To read my reviews, click the link below.

You can click the following link for the best fat burners for men list in the market. There are several fat burners having ingredients like Glucomannan or fibre boosters to curb the appetite. They take longer to digest and keep the tummy full to avoid your distractions towards snacking junk. 


Good Snacks for Work

Now that you know that snacking at work means health disaster for you, it’s time to apply the tricks above once and for all. If you can’t avoid snacking at work, then you have to satisfy your food cravings momentarily and wisely eat for a while. Wisely means that you have to choose “healthy” snacks to chew while you work. This includes foods that should perfectly support your dieting program (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-calorie drinks, etc).

Amanda Hamilton, a known celebrity dietitian recommends that you eat more often in a day (preferably three times) but you have to consider the amount of calories you take for each snack. This is to give you ideas on how many calories to burn once you do your workout routines. To know the amount of calories you take for each snack, try WebMD calorie calculator. To know the amount of calories that you have burned from your daily physical activities, you can use Steven Creek’s calorie calculator.

Dietitians recommends the following healthy snacks for your alternative snacking habit at work.

  • low-calorie chocolates
  • dried fruits
  • nuts
  • high-fiber, low-sodium and low-fat soups
  • high-fiber cereals
  • vegetable salads
  • tuna sandwich
  • low-fat yogurt
  • low-calorie beverages
  • low-caffeine coffee or tea (water is the best)
  • Alternative ways to Stop Snacking at Work

To get most out of your office life, make sure that you have the right mindset with regards to your working endeavors. If you don’t love your job, chances are you snack more. Don’t blame your work for every pound you gain through mindless munching. Instead, you have to motivate yourself to do the said tasks above and hopes that you could overcome your weight dilemmas.

One alternative way to stop munching at work is to do desk exercises. Flexing and stretching will not just make your blood continuously flowing for good heart condition, but it can also help distract your mind to eat in-between meals.

It is also important to do your regular exercise before or after your office job. Exercise helps fuel your mind with energy that you can use throughout the day, which in turn avoids unhealthy snacks. Moderate to intense exercises produces endorphine, a hormone that initiates a “feel-good” state that increases your well-being. Plus, after-office workout will also avoid post-office snacking.

Another way is to get adequate sleep at night. Sleep deprivation can trigger your body to produce leptin, a known appetite hormones that can trigger food cravings. Additionally, obese and overweight people have been found to have more leptin in their body compared to fit and slim individuals. So the next time you plan to work overtime, take Saturdays instead.

Lastly, you have to eat a balanced diet all the time. Don’t deprive yourself of good nutrition as this is not the right way to lose weight. Healthy and balanced diet with consistent exercise program will not just help you lose weight, but can highly prevent mindless snacking at work!

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