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Tom Cruise, Scientology Video Pulled from YouTube

A video was pulled from YouTube yesterday, that, according to People Magazine, has been identified as a 2004 Scientology recruitment film. The film features actor, Tom Cruise, talking about the benefits of Scientology those who need help and explaining what gets him excited about Scientology.
YouTube has pulled the video off of their site but it has been seen on another website. The video can be viewed at the Defamer website. The video has a run time of just over nine minutes.

Cruise begins the film by stating that being a Scientologist is a privilege, one you have to earn. While some of his terms are unrecognizable to those who are not familiar with Scientology, his enthusiasm and fervor cannot be mistaken.

Tom speaks about how he won’t hesitate to put ethics out there on others because he puts them ruthlessly on himself.

He refers to KSW. This stands for “Keeping Scientology Working”. The KSW is a policy statement put out by L Ron Hubbard, the man who began Scientology. The KSW can be viewed in it’s entirety at the website carolinletkeman.org. He refers to himself and others, with regardto the need to reread the KSW and look at what needs to be done, and just do it.

He is very outspoken in the video about the need for action. Scientologists are in the know according to Cruise, and should therefore do what they can because they know they can help. He goes on to state further that they are the authorities on getting people off of drugs, improving conditions and rehabilitating criminals.

Tom states that spectators need to simply not be there. He has no time for spectators. To quote a portion of the video, he says he needs to “get those spectators either in the playing field or out of the arena.” He further states that he is doing all he can, but there is more to be done and they need more help.

The video was obviously meant to promote Scientology, and it paints it in a positive light, so it does’t seem that would be the reason behind it’s removal from the internet. However, this writer feels that the Church of Scientology had the video pulled from YouTube on the basis of copyright infringement. Clearly it was not meant for mass distribution in such a venue and, while YouTube has not made such a comment, it would seem that they honored their policy to pull materials that are uploaded without the permission of the copyright owner.