Toe Shoes Benefits Or Disaster

I bet you probably seen one of the trending footwear today – Toe Shoes. In previous decades, shoes is an important element for athletes and fitness gurus to help tone muscles and improve strength in the legs and feet. This is the reason why shoe makers over the years are not stopping on developing modern shoes which contributes in calorie burning fitness endeavors.

Many health experts, therapists and athletes are keen on selecting the best performance footwear that are suitable on their own field. Then toe shoes arrived in the market. Are these shoes model really beneficial as the shoe market hypes it to the highest extent, or is it a fad?

In my own opinion, it is totally just a marketing hype! Toe shoes are simply just a shoes, without any exemplary benefits. So whether shoe companies are promoting it as having some kind of benefits or helpful to your body, I suggest that you don’t bite the hype. But of course if you find it as a convenient footwear and trendy, then there is really nothing wrong patronizing toe shoes products.

Shoes that promotes toe wedgies simply doesn’t result to a better performance in any physical endeavors. It was never justified and proven by shoe companies either so why bother depend on toe shoes hoping that it can enhance your over all skills or performance.

Why toe shoes are not advisable for physical fitness?

How did I come up with this idea? I simply put it this way, the two primary concerns why athletes prefer the best shoes are:

to improve performance and to highly prevent any types of foot injuries

A basketball player or a runner for example, generally needs less ground impact on their feet after they jump. This is the reason why these athletes needs rubber shoes to prevent muscle and bone injuries and protecting their heels and feet while running and jumping. Try jumping on your bare feet and you will surely feel the impact. The same goes with toe shoes.

If you use toe shoes in an effort to improve performance may lead to disaster rather than your expected result. The arch receives all the impact because of the body’s ability to reduce the stiffness of the leg in reaction to the foot stimuli in a running or jumping rhythm. There are other studies which suggest traditional shoes gives more support to the foot, preventing any injuries like arch pain and stress fractures while running, stretching or jumping.

A perfectly cushioned shoe is better than toe shoe model footwear. It lessen the impact on the forefoot and heels. Although there still a big difference between working out barefoot and wearing toe shoes, the supposed health benefits are still needs to be proven.

So if you intend to use toe shoes on your health and fitness regimens, try not to stress yourself out and avoid injuries. After all, the discretion is still up to you. If you happen to experience any foot pain using toe shoes, I suggest that you stop wearing it and wear back your traditional sports footwear. If symptoms persist, then consult your doctor immediately.

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