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The Sims 3 Console Version Review

The simple pleasures of the Sims is taken to a whole new level in Sims 3. The amount of control you have over their lives is even more so than other Sims games because of the new karma powers. You can have your Sims win the lottery or have them lose the house in a meteor shower induced fire, you can make them fail at everything or succeed at everything for a time and you can even bring them back to life. It is hard to put into words how fun it is to control their lives or even to explain why it is fun, it just is. Another improvement from previous games is the ability to perform different tasks at work such as slacking off or sucking up to the boss. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, for example working hard raises stress more than working normal but gains more progress towards a promotion whereas slacking off decreases stress but does not gain you progress towards a promotion. Which is a huge step up from disappearing in a building for 8 hours.

This is a review of the console version, so I should tell you what that means. First of all don’t be frightened that this is yet another crappy Sims port it is vastly superior to their previous attempts to put the Sims on a console. With the ps3 or 360 graphics on an HD TV this game is rather pretty not like awe inspiring beauty but because it is all under your control there was probably only so much they could do. The online features are not as amazing as the computer version but you can still upload and download created and customized items. The main advantages to getting the console version are you don’t need a computer capable of running it and because it is on a console you know your machine will run it as smoothly as any other. There are drawbacks however, for example the loading times can be quite long sometimes, I have seen them last 12 seconds and they occur whenever you try to view an area that your selected Sim is not currently in, which if you try and control a large family can be quite a lot of the time.

This game is easy and fun, like most Sims games and anyone can jump right in. Before you know it you will be spending hours fulfilling your Sim’s lifetime wish raising a family and in general living life. There is so much to do I personally can’t even imagine doing it all. In my opinion it is a great game to have around the house you can pick it up whenever and pick up where you left off or start a new family. And because it is November as I am writing this I feel inclined to point out that it is a great gift for your kids or grandkids. It is rated T for teen and sells for between 50 and 60$ on console. As far as videogames go it is pretty non violent and does not generally promote bad behaviors but it is still entertaining. While I am sure many people will say things that make it sound like a horrible abomination that teaches your kids it’s ok to A or not to B let’s face it everything does these days, I doubt you could find one chapter of any book that no one disapproved of much less an entire game. I would recommend this game to just about anyone.