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Stretching Coupons

Clipping coupons are one of the oldest saving techniques. They, however, get passed buy routinely. Seeing a coupon for $0.25 off might not seem like that big of a deal, but they add up. There are several ways you can make coupons work harder for you. You could check for store policies on coupons. Finding out other people’s secrets to using coupons could really save you more than you think.

Clipping coupons might seem tedious, but you don’t need to. Coupons are now available online, so you only need to print the ones you need. Most coupon sites even have the ability to keep lists on file of what you normally print, and send you an email, letting you know your “favorite” items have coupons available. You can also check out some of your grocery stores online. They usually keep the current ads available, and let you print the coupons too. No more clipping the coupons you think might use, to find them expired by the time you do. If the coupons are expired, they don’t show up, saving you time and hassle of going through the ones you clip.

Some stores even have a day that they accept coupons for double their value. This is a great day to shop for items. It usually doesn’t apply to store coupons, but it does on manufacturer coupons. Some discount stores even take them, calling around would benefit you. The lower the original price, the more beneficial the coupon is to you.

Personally, my favorite time to grocery shop, it when the ads have most of my list in the ads, usually the end of the month. I them plan to shop on the day my stores grant double value for the food I was already going to buy. Not only is it on sale, but the coupon value is doubled, I’ve actually gotten money back doing this (although, it may not always happen, so don’t expect it all the time).

You can even visit the websites of some of your favorite brands and find some more of their coupon. Some of the offering companies require you to sign up for a newsletter, or something equivalent, but it’s worth a couple extra emails for those extra savings.

My husband thought I was wasting time. So, one month, I put the money I saved from my coupons in a coffee can. At the end of the month, he was shocked at the amount of money We had saved, He no longer doubts my coupons. Just for fun, you should try it for one month, then see how much you would’ve spent without them. You, like my husband, may be very surprised.

So next time you pass by the coupon section of the paper, remember: Weather you’re clipping or printing, coupons can be very beneficial, granted you use them to their full benefit. You’d be surprised how fast the small amounts of the coupons can add up on a grocery bill.