Review For The Bushnell Ar Optics Illuminated Riflescope

Rifles and guns are multipurpose objects that have become a necessity for the present age. Rifles and guns have many diverse uses, whether for security purposes, for cop use, for the use of the army or for hunting and poaching. For a better precision, aim and performance, many devices have been invented. One of the most useful and efficient is the riflescope. A riflescope needs to be durable, reliable as well as compact, as to not affect to the bulk and target if the gun. One of the best companies on the market is the Bushnell range of riflescopes.

Bushnell is an old name when it comes to riflescopes. They have riflescope for all kinds of uses and all types of rifles. One of the best makes of the riflescope is the AR Optics Illuminated riflescopes, which are popular due to the innovative and efficient design. A riflescope needs to be built near to perfection as any adverse effects or negative impacts can lead to deadly results. The Bushnell riflescope fits all these needs.

Overview for the Bushnell AR optics illuminated riflescope

Bushnell is famous and trusted for their precision. They build their riflescopes keeping in mind the various needs for different kinds of marksmen. Here are some specifications and features that set the Bushnell AR optic illuminator apart:

Low light performance:

The new AR riflescope comes with a fixed first focal plane, that guarantees excellent and outstanding performance in low light. Moreover, even in low light, the marking accuracy is up to five hundred meters. This means that even if you wish to shoot in low light or poor visibility, there will be ease to accomplish it.

Speedy Marking:

One of the most important things during crucial shooting moments is the change of light, precision, distance, and furthermore, it needs to be done very quickly. The AR riflescope allows you to accomplish this due to the fact that it comes with an innovative throw down power changer level, that allows you to quickly change the power levels.


One of the most outstanding qualities of the AR riflescope is the high quality materials with which it is made. The riflescope is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy, which ensures maximum sturdiness and durability. Furthermore, it finished with anodize process which protects the interior from elements and their reactions.

Great optics:

The riflescope consists of the greatest quality optical work, which is multi coated hence ensuring maximum brightness.

Pros and Cons of buying the Bushnell AR optics illuminated riflescope


  • Durable
  • Resilient
  • High quality
  • Precision
  • Un-paralleled performance


  • Lens washes out sometimes
  • Bit heavier than other riflescopes

What the customers have to say about it?

Customers are one of the best ways to know about a certain products, since advertisements can be misleading and not highlight the negative aspects of the products. The customers reviews and uses have earned it a good rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


Due to its precision, high quality design and durability it is highly recommended that you buy this products if shooting is included one of the components of your occupation.

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