Prepare yourself for your puppy

When you are planning to buy a dog you may be confused as to which breed to choose. Dogs come in different color, breed, Size, temperament and some unique characteristics. As a prospective dog owner you might be having various issues regarding buying a puppy. I suggest you to do a thorough research before you select a dog .This is because your dog will be spending its entire life time with you and your dog should suit your lifestyle.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a dog

  • What size of dog do you favor?
  • Will your dog be living with other pet you have (if any)?
  • Will your dog be an inside dog or outside dog?
  • Does the breed you choose have any breed specific problems?
  • How you and your family members get along with the dog?
  • How much can you afford for your dog?

If you address these basis question then you can take the next step of choosing the breed which you prefer .While choosing a breed, it is a good idea to talk with people who have first hand experience with the breed you are interested in .Or visit any dog shows where you can talk with the owners about the ideal dog you are interested in.

Before actually getting your puppy the first thing you have to do is to locate a vet .You can get a referral from your friends or your puppy’s breeder .Call him and get-acquainted appointment. And then call your local canine control officer and find out at what age your puppy will require a license and what other local laws apply to dogs in your area. Many cities now have leash laws, for example, that require your dog to be leashed whenever he is out in public. Ignorance of these laws may result in stiff fines.

Finally just go and select a breed and bring him home .Start enjoying your new baby.

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