Precautions To Know While Using A Gel Blaster 

The most fun way to achieve battlefield tactics but at the same time boast about your gun skills can be possible with the help of gun gel blasters.  These are also known as gel markers or water bead blasters that are resemble a toy gun but it is used to design airsoft guns that shoot projectiles around 6 to 8 mm and instead of bullets, they use gel-based balls, water beads and absorbent polymer beads that will help them to remain in their intact shape and can be also used for commercial purposes in Forti culture by planting these balls into the soil or daily gardening.

What are some of the accessories?

If one is interested to buy more than just the gun, then they can visit multiple sites such as that give out a multitude of the product range that compliments your attire and also feels the gel blaster gun ammunition.  Some of them being –

  • Grenade

This is not the usual bomb grenade but rather a gel-based grenade that is used in the internal spring mechanism and has a flap underneath the surface to flick out the gel beads and once the process is complete, it causes a rampage of excessive beads to flow in multiple directions.  This is generally used in gaming as they help to delay the impact caused by the vibrations.

  • A mine

These are also gel-based mines that are not entirely made out of plastic but have internal to external springs of looping pieces loaded that give it a clamshell appearance.  It can be manually controlled by a tripwire or a remote control that flaps like two doors intersecting.

  • Launchers

These are usually sold at large and are often used in gel blasters, handguns, etc. they are spring-loaded with gel-based balls that provide a hammer-like hit when it is targeted towards canisters for repeated attacks.

What are the safety tips to be followed?

To understand the rules and regulations is one thing but under the guidelines of Tacnation collection of gel blasters, it is to be known that at whatever game you play, you need to have a set of rules by your side so that you remain unharmed and uninjured.  Some of them being –

  • Bags

It is important to carry a gun-tote backpack that will protect you externally and will help you reach safely from your home across the battlefield and it can be used as a means of transport.

  • Goggles

This is a game where one shoots gel-based balls or water beads at a high speed that the ammunition when it hits the body, causes us immeasurable pain so one needs to invest in 360-degree wrap-around eye protection goggles that are both visible and clear.

  • Padding

If you get shot during a paintball gunfight you will know that there is a stinging sensation that lingers around the layer of the skin. Hence, one should consider absorbent free padding around their knees, elbows, back, and chest or can invest in knee wraps.


This is a game that should be played by all and to know more they can visit the Tacnation collection of gel blasters.

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