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The kitchen is the most interesting place in a house. People cook a variety of dishes and present them in the most unique ways to their families or friends. Besides, a kitchen requires many things to do with it that play a major role in cooking. Gas stove for an instance is the major contributor in cooking dishes. It generates heat and allows food items to be cooked thoroughly once placed on it. It is also very important to know about the right gas range required for a family or a kitchen depending on the food cooked and the number of burners on them. has a huge variety of stoves for individuals to choose from and buy them accordingly. 

What all to consider?

While buying a gas stove, it becomes very important to know about all the possible features that are available in the stove. Decisions need to be made on whether a freestanding or slide-in stove to be purchased and it depends on the overall look of a kitchen as well. While the freestanding stove has controls and a backguard on the top, the slide-in stove comes with flush installed on the countertops providing a seamless look to the area as well as has front controls. On Kitchenotic, every model of stove including the ones with ovens is available. It is good as temperature fluctuations can be avoided and even cooking can be done easily. Also, the right stove size is what matters the most. Usually, all the ranges are 30 inches but both large and small sizes can also be found in the market based on the house requirement. In this way, all the needs can be catered to easily, and selection can be done depending on the performance and features of the same. Timely servicing is also available whenever the customer faces any problems. 


Some advantages of Kitchenotic gas stoves include:

  • Stylish designs are available 
  • Many come with a conventional oven 
  • There is a griddle included with 5 burners 
  • It is beautifully put together
  • Many models can be easily converted into LPG and NG
  • There is an automatic shutdown function in many stoves 
  • The materials used in making the stove are durable and of top quality

Besides, most of the equipment pieces are included in the package along with nozzles that offer the same BTU every time and can even work with electricity making it ideal for outdoor kitchens, homes and RVs. The biggest stove can put out as much as 12000 BTU in a go while the smallest one can put out 4000 BTU. The power cords in each stove are pre-installed and maintenance should be done from time to time. 

Price of stoves

The prices of each stove vary depending on the model and size bought by the customers. It ranges from $289 and goes up to $346 and even more if exported to any other country where the shipping charges are added with the final price. Kitchenotic has detailed information about all the models and their rates mentioned on their website that allows people to choose their best fit. 

Thus, people should know about their requirements and if not take the desired help from online websites to have only the best at their homes. 

This is the most important thing both for your puppy as well as for you .Its important to your puppy because it prevents your puppy from needless troubles. Things such as puppy coming in contact to toxic materials by teething the container, which is dangerous, can be prevented. Making your home safe for your puppy is good for you because you can avoid expensive things being destroyed by your DOGS’S curiosity.

The rule “prevention is better that cure “applies here. Teach by prevention. For example don’t place trash cans open and closing it with tight fitting lids and putting them away where your puppy can’t reach it. Remember to treat your puppy as how you would treat your own baby and be thankful that your puppy will learn acceptable behaviors in a matter of months, or almost as quickly as you can teach it.

Begin with simple and obvious precautions .Put all those medicines, deodorants, chemicals, nail polishers and other harmful products out of reach .If there are any products with a poison warning on it, be sure everyone in the family knows it and put those products in a shelf where your dog can’t reach it .The products which we consider as every day hygiene products like toothpaste, mouth wash, soaps are detrimental for your dog. So put them away in a secured shelf and be sure to discard the empty containers where your dog can’t get at them.

Here are a few checklists for making your home safe for your puppy


  • Put all knives and all other utensils away in drawers.
  • Get a trash can with tight lid.
  • Put all household cleaners in the cupboard the closes securely.


  • Put all the jewellery, nail polish, and nail polish removers, hairpins in a secure box.
  • Pick up all socks, shoes and other chewable things.
  • Securely put away all potentially dangerous items like medicines, vitamins, perfumes and other cosmetics.


  • Keep all household cleaners like phenyls, shampoos, soaps, perfumes and other personal care products in cupboards that close securely.
  • Consider using childproof cabinets.
  • Don’t use toilet bowl cleaners that releases chemicals each time you flush.
  • Keep the toilet bowl lid down.
  • Throw away naphthalene balls and any other solid air fresheners.


  • Put all the dangerous substance on high shelves.
  • Clean up any spills.
  • Store all gardening supplies out of reach for the dog.
  • Sweep the floors for nails and other small iron pieces.


  • Tape up or cover all electrical wires.
  • Knot or tie up any loose cords from curtains, blinds and the telephone.
  • Put all houseplants out of reach.
  • Move saucers or your favorite chinawares to high places.

Pick all the chewable items including television wires, remote controllers, shoes, socks, mobile phones, slippers food dishes, books, magazines and anything else that can be chewed on.

Be safe and make your home safe for your pooch. Good luck.

When you are planning to buy a dog you may be confused as to which breed to choose. Dogs come in different color, breed, Size, temperament and some unique characteristics. As a prospective dog owner you might be having various issues regarding buying a puppy. I suggest you to do a thorough research before you select a dog .This is because your dog will be spending its entire life time with you and your dog should suit your lifestyle.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a dog

  • What size of dog do you favor?
  • Will your dog be living with other pet you have (if any)?
  • Will your dog be an inside dog or outside dog?
  • Does the breed you choose have any breed specific problems?
  • How you and your family members get along with the dog?
  • How much can you afford for your dog?

If you address these basis question then you can take the next step of choosing the breed which you prefer .While choosing a breed, it is a good idea to talk with people who have first hand experience with the breed you are interested in .Or visit any dog shows where you can talk with the owners about the ideal dog you are interested in.

Before actually getting your puppy the first thing you have to do is to locate a vet .You can get a referral from your friends or your puppy’s breeder .Call him and get-acquainted appointment. And then call your local canine control officer and find out at what age your puppy will require a license and what other local laws apply to dogs in your area. Many cities now have leash laws, for example, that require your dog to be leashed whenever he is out in public. Ignorance of these laws may result in stiff fines.

Finally just go and select a breed and bring him home .Start enjoying your new baby.

Rifles and guns are multipurpose objects that have become a necessity for the present age. Rifles and guns have many diverse uses, whether for security purposes, for cop use, for the use of the army or for hunting and poaching. For a better precision, aim and performance, many devices have been invented. One of the most useful and efficient is the riflescope. A riflescope needs to be durable, reliable as well as compact, as to not affect to the bulk and target if the gun. One of the best companies on the market is the Bushnell range of riflescopes.

Bushnell is an old name when it comes to riflescopes. They have riflescope for all kinds of uses and all types of rifles. One of the best makes of the riflescope is the AR Optics Illuminated riflescopes, which are popular due to the innovative and efficient design. A riflescope needs to be built near to perfection as any adverse effects or negative impacts can lead to deadly results. The Bushnell riflescope fits all these needs.

Overview for the Bushnell AR optics illuminated riflescope

Bushnell is famous and trusted for their precision. They build their riflescopes keeping in mind the various needs for different kinds of marksmen. Here are some specifications and features that set the Bushnell AR optic illuminator apart:

Low light performance:

The new AR riflescope comes with a fixed first focal plane, that guarantees excellent and outstanding performance in low light. Moreover, even in low light, the marking accuracy is up to five hundred meters. This means that even if you wish to shoot in low light or poor visibility, there will be ease to accomplish it.

Speedy Marking:

One of the most important things during crucial shooting moments is the change of light, precision, distance, and furthermore, it needs to be done very quickly. The AR riflescope allows you to accomplish this due to the fact that it comes with an innovative throw down power changer level, that allows you to quickly change the power levels.


One of the most outstanding qualities of the AR riflescope is the high quality materials with which it is made. The riflescope is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy, which ensures maximum sturdiness and durability. Furthermore, it finished with anodize process which protects the interior from elements and their reactions.

Great optics:

The riflescope consists of the greatest quality optical work, which is multi coated hence ensuring maximum brightness.

Pros and Cons of buying the Bushnell AR optics illuminated riflescope


  • Durable
  • Resilient
  • High quality
  • Precision
  • Un-paralleled performance


  • Lens washes out sometimes
  • Bit heavier than other riflescopes

What the customers have to say about it?

Customers are one of the best ways to know about a certain products, since advertisements can be misleading and not highlight the negative aspects of the products. The customers reviews and uses have earned it a good rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


Due to its precision, high quality design and durability it is highly recommended that you buy this products if shooting is included one of the components of your occupation.

Enthusiastic hunters ensure to have a collection of the most effective hunting devices and rifles obtainable on the marketplace. The Rifle Scope With Sunshade is one such product. Whether it’s camouflage garments, heated stools, high-tech tree stands, or top of the line rifle capacities, acquiring these products raises the comfort as well as efficiency of a hunting trip. A superb rifle scope is the key to a more safe and even more specific day in the field so need to be made use of by shopper that think about themselves a fanatical hunting lover.

A Rifle Scope With Sunshade will definitely bring distant targets as well as encompassing items apparently up close and also individual which enables more safe and also more accurate shooting. They gather as well as use readily available light which makes it achievable to quest in economical lightweight afflictions and lets the hunter to be in the field from dawn to dusk, improving his likelihoods to hit the target.

When you merge the perfect rifle scope by having the gun as well as ammo you will definitely have the most from every shot you take. In order to opt for the precise scope that is going to match your desires calls for many considerations providing technicians as well as building, image quality and magnification. When choosing the perfect rifle scope, keep in mind the area you plan to shoot, the type of game you are hunting, as well as the time of day you intend to be in the field so you are able to discover features that will certainly advised suit your demands. The Rifle Scope With Sunshade is a good example.

The mechanics of a scope has a direct consequence on its shooting precision. The products made use of to construct the scope needs to be strong as well as heavy-duty in order to keep proper sight throughout the massive recoil of a rifle when shot. When deciding on the best product, look for accuracy or positive adjustments, point-of-impact congruity, reticle toughness, and also resilience which ought to be able to resist water, haze, and sturdy shocks. Choosing a design that is light and ergonomic is vital throughout lengthy hunting tours. The Rifle Scope With Sunshade fulfills all these criterion.

Image superb is going to bet a substantial factor on the accuracy of your shot. The lighter as well as brighter the image appears in the Rifle Scope With Sunshade, the more specific your shot shall be. The superb of the glass, the design of the lens, as well as the use of optical coverings all add to the ability to take care of light correctly and also effectively. The type of game you are hunting, the amount of available light, and also the climate.

Devoted hunters are sure to have an assortment of the most reliable hunting devices and rifles offered on the marketplace. The Rifle Scope For Hunting is one such product. Whether it’s camouflage outfits, warmed chairs, technical tree stands, or top of the line rifle reaches, purchasing these products enhances the comfort as well as efficiency of a hunting trip. A high quality rifle scope is the key to a more safe as well as more accurate day in the field so should be utilized by shopper who think about themselves a fanatical hunting fan.

A Rifle Scope For Hunting will definitely take distant targets and surrounding objects relatively up close and personalized which enables safer and additional specific shooting. They gather and take advantage of available light which makes it possible to quest in inexpensive light ailments and lets the hunter to be in the field from dawn to dusk, greatly improving his chances to hit the target.

When you combine the right rifle scope by having the revolver and also ammunition you will receive the most away from every shot you take. In order to opt for the right scope that will suit your desires needs countless considerations including technicians and building, image quality as well as magnification. When picking the perfect rifle scope, bear in mind the location you organize to bring down, the sort of game you are hunting, as well as the moment of day you intend to be in the field so you can easily discover characteristics that are going to advised match your desires. The Rifle Scope For Hunting is a good example.

The mechanics of a scope has an express result on its shooting accuracy. The substances made use of to put up the scope needs to be long lasting as well as sturdy in order to keep appropriate sight in the course of the hefty recoil of a rifle when shot. When picking the most reliable product, look for accuracy or good adjustments, point-of-impact stability, reticle toughness, and durability which ought to can tolerate water, haze, as well as solid shocks. Choosing a design that is lightweight as well as ergonomic is vital in the course of extensive hunting vacations. The Rifle Scope For Hunting complies with all these qualifying criterion.

Image high quality is visiting wager a massive factor on the precision of your shot. The lighter and brighter the image shows up in the Rifle Scope For Hunting, the additional specific your shot may be. The high quality of the glass, the model of the lens, and the usage of optical coverings all trigger the capability to regulate lightweight adequately as well as successfully. The type of game you are hunting, the amount of offered light, and the weather conditions.

Muscle Spasms in Neck, Shoulders and Arms can be the Result of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Page 1 of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Fascia Dehydration

Muscle spasms in neck, shoulders and arms are affected by fascia which is everywhere in our body. It is the solid lubricant that allows our various organs and muscles to move against one another without creating friction.

Not only is each of our muscles surrounded in fascia but each individual muscle fiber is also encased in this organic lubricant. When a muscle contracts the fascia allow the individual fibers to slide easily over one another.

The picture below is a close up of normal human muscle fibers. You can see how they overlay each other. The fascia glistens with moisture making it easy for contractions to take place.

As we age fascia begins to dehydrate losing its water content and lubricating ability. As this happens the fascia become stickier and instead of sliding against one another the muscle fibers start to stick together. The fibers get tighter and will cause muscle spasms in necks, shoulders and arms.

They eventually form knots; which everyone has likely had at one point in time. These are called adhesions and are also a common cause of left and right side neck pain and headaches.

There is no native mechanism in the body to fix muscle adhesions. Once they occur the body is powerless to fix them on its own. Adhesions also restrict a muscle from fully contracting.

When contracting the muscle fibers need to broaden and slide over each other. The adhesions restrict this motion just like a rusty hinge will make it hard to open a gate and many times stop it from fully opening.

It is estimated that a person loses about 30% of their muscle contraction when there is an adhesion. What does this mean? It means that you are weaker. Someone can perform muscle testing on you and muscle adhesions will show up as a muscle being weak. If you were simply lazy you can exercise the muscle to get stronger. If you have an adhesion you will get stronger once you have the adhesion removed.

As adhesions develop we are not necessarily feeling pain. Imagine you have a scale from 0-10 for the tightness of a muscle with zero being as loose as possible and 10 being as tight as possible.

You will not feel pain until you are at about a level 7.

Chronic myofascial pain will be experienced from about level 8 through 10 where you constantly feel the pain and muscle spasms in neck, shoulders and arms.

From 4-7 you won’t feel pain but if someone presses on a muscle it will be tender or even painful. We have all had that experience when someone squeezes our shoulder for instance and it is tender. That sensation is the muscles beginning to tighten.

Below level 4 is where we want to be where the muscles are fairly loose and can absorb physical activity before becoming tight.

Trigger Points

Trigger points can also cause muscle spasms in necks, shoulders and arms. They develop when you have neurological tightness and adhesions from dehydration of the fascia. Once the adhesion develops a trigger point is created at the spot of the adhesion. This trigger point will refer pain to another part of the body.

The picture below shows two trigger points in the pectoralis minor muscle which typically cause chronic shoulder pain and refer pain down the arm in the red highlighted areas.

We do not yet understand exactly how a trigger point works but they do have predictable patterns.

Janet Travell discovered this referred pain phenomena and has written a couple of books that layout the possible originating trigger points for each area that is experiencing referred pain.

How do you know if you have a trigger point related problem? If the doctor or therapist is probing the area of pain and cannot stimulate the same pain sensation then it is likely a trigger point related issue.

One example would be someone experiencing pain in the front of their shoulder. The therapist will probe the shoulder area trying to reproduce the pain sensation. If they are unable to that they can then check if it may be referred pain from a trigger point.

Travell’s books will list the specific trigger points that are known to refer pain to the front of the shoulder. As the therapist probes each of those areas one will reproduce the pain sensation that the patient is experiencing.

The picture below shows two trigger points in the trapezius muscle which typically refer pain across the shoulder and up the neck to the base of the skull in the red highlighted areas.

Doctors continue to research the mechanism behind how trigger points cause muscle spasms in necks, shoulders and arms. Until this is understood we at least have the ability to pinpoint the muscle adhesion responsible for a patient’s referred pain.

The important thing to understand with Myofascial Pain Syndrome is that it is 100% fixable. Any soft tissue injury involving muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue can be fixed. The hardest part is accurately diagnosing the problem. A doctor or therapist experienced in soft tissue work should be able to determine whether your pain is muscle related. If it is many of the treatments can be performed at home by you.

Educational Videos

These 3D animations with voice-over are to help you better understand your condition and the possible course of action to treat it.

The simple to use interface will allow you to see and hear the explainations of many conditions, inculding their treatments. The Amazing Spine area will explain the human spine and each vertebrea’s affect on the internal organs and nerves.

To your better health!

Now the term Spinal Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the space between the spine and the spinal cord, which is called the spinal canal. It is in this space that the nerves that supply our legs and arms work from and when this area is narrowed the nerves become compressed and inflamed.

The symptoms of Spinal Stenosis are sometimes difficult to diagnose as these can be similar to other lower back pain complaints, especially that of Sciatica. The main difference being the majority of the pain with Spinal Stenosis will be felt in the top of the front your legs, whereas in Sciatica much of the pain is felt in the buttock. Both symptoms are accompanied by lower back pain.

With Spinal Stenosis you will almost certainly find difficulty walking for any distance or standing for any length of time, without having to sit down. In fact sitting or sometimes leaning forward will be the most comfortable position for you. The reason for this being that as you sit the vertebra opens slightly releasing a certain amount of pressure from the affected nerve.

There are some severe cases of Spinal Stenosis where the nerve is compressed to such an extent that you foot may stop working, this is known as dropped foot. It is also possible to have problems with bladder or bowel control. However these instances are rare, but if you are suffering with these symptoms, urgent medical attention will be required.

So what are the reasons for the spinal canal narrowing? Well there are many reasons, but the main ones being A ruptured or degenerative disc, which has pushed into the spinal canal.

As we age the ligaments and tissues that surround the spinal area become thicker. This means that they are taking up more space, which unfortunately is in the spinal canal.

With people that suffer with Arthritis, bony tissue spurs can grow into the spinal canal. Degenerative joints and bones in the spinal area swell which again reduces the space in the spinal canal.

If Spinal Stenosis is suspected as the cause of your lower back pain, your medical advisor will arrange for you to have an MRI scan to find out why the space in the spinal canal has been reduced and then he can advise on the best course of treatment for you.

Spinal StenosisTreatment Options

Often light painkillers or muscle relaxers will be recommended, to help reduce the pain, or if the pain from the Spinal Stenosis is more severe you may be prescribed with stronger medication.

The problem with prescribed medication is that much of it has side effects and can cause nausea, or stomach ulcers, plus if taken for long period of time can become addictive.

An alternative anti-inflammatory is the excellent HealNSoothe. This is a 100% natural remedy designed especially for people with Spinal Stenosis & back pain. It works by eradicating the toxins and impurities that form around the areas of the spine, and targets the exact areas of irritation, reducing your pain and making you feel altogether better.

But that’s not all, the combination of natural ingredients act to protect and maintain the areas of the spine so that you will receive relief over a long period of time. This product really is an excellent choice for the relief of pain caused by Spinal Stenosis. If you would like more information on ‘Heal N Soothe’ you can visit their website by clicking here

Pain relief products are just the first step in your quest to end Spinal Stenosis.The next step is to introduce some light aerobic exercises into your daily or weekly routine. Just 20 minutes on a stationery bike, swimming or a cross trainer are excellent choices as these are non impact and will not cause any distress to your already fragile back.

These exercises will help relieve some of the tension in your lower back, will get the blood flowing through the muscles, plus the natural endorphins that are released into your body after exercise will act as natural pain killer.

You should also start a lower back pain exercise and stretching program. Specialist exercises that are targeted to Spinal Stenosis symptoms are proven to be the very best way for immediate and long term relief.

If you belong to a gym speak to one of the trainers and ask if they can prepare a program to strengthen the muscles in your lower back and your abdomen, and also ask them to advise some stretching exercises for your legs and back. It would also be advisable to ask them to take you through the program, to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly, as bad form can cause even further problems.

If you do not belong to a gym I can recommend the following programs that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The first is the highly recommended Lose the Back Pain program.

This is a DVD based program that gives you the exact beneficial exercises to perform for Spinal Stenosis and many other back complaints. You can visit their website at :


The second program is a stretching program. This program comes in the form of a book and/or DVD and shows you stretches for just about every part of the body.

These are the 3 main treatments for initial and long term relief from Spinal Stenosis, but of course there are many more options, surgical and non surgical.

The bottom line for Spinal Stenosis sufferers is It is keep active, if anybody has advised bed rest, this really is bad advise and will almost certainly make matters worse.

The very best way to treat Spinal Stenosis and keep it at bay is the same advice as with most other lower back complaints – keep your weight down, introduce aerobic and lower back strength training into your weekly routine, and take extra care when lifting of moving heavy or awkward objects.

Surgical intervention is very rarely required, and can definitely be avoided if the just these simple changes to your lifestyle are made.


“Discover a Lower Back Pain Exercise Program That Will Pinpoint Your Problem; Treat the Cause, Wipe Out Your Pain and Armour Plate You’re Lower Back Against Future Occurrences – Quickly And Easily”

Lower Back Pain Exercise – is one – if not THE most important ‘self treatments’ that will benefit your lower back. – Plus… a sure-fire way to rapidly eliminate your pain.

BUT – not all exercise for lower back pain is good; in fact, if your exercise program is not specifically targeted to the cause of you back problem, you may be in danger of making things worse.

So how are you supposed to know a good exercise from a bad one?

Well one way would be to hire a qualified personal trainer/post-rehab specialist who could address your muscle imbalance and create a tailor made exercise program for you.

That said, good trainers are expensive and the best ones are usually very hard to get hold of. If you are lucky enough to find a good trainer, and can afford the fees this route would be a good choice.

An equally good choice would be an excellent exercise and stretching program called Lose The Back Pain.

The program format is an online Video (or DVD), plus a 65 page instruction manual.

You will discover through a series of pinpoint self assessment tests, and self treatment strategies Exactly what’s causing your pain What physical dysfunctions that you have and how you can start treating them.

Pain Reduction Strategies, which can have immediate effect Stretching exercises to treat your specific condition & exercises that will armour plate your back and prevent future occurrences

The Lower Back Pain Exercise Program

But that’s not all, for a limited time you will get 3, thirty minute one on one phone consultations in which you will be personally guided step-by-step through the system… ensuring you perform the assessments correctly, reviewing your assessments and photos, helping you to identify which specific dysfunctions you have, ensuring you make consistent progress and answering any questions you might have along the way!

Best of all this system is easy to understand, and only requires as little as a few minutes a day. Plus… it really does work.

Just read and listen to the 100’s of testimonials on the next page.

What’s more you can try it totally risk free for 30 days, as it comes with a 100% money back guarantee- No questions asked.

As lower back pain exercise and stretching programs go, you will not find better. This system really is comprehensive and specifically targeted to your specific problem.

It offers excellent value for money. “In fact it’s just like having your very own personal trainer in your living room” – but for the cost of just one training session!

To learn more about the ultimate lower back pain exercise program, and cure your back pain once and for all, I urge you to click here and get all the details, and please read the testimonials from 100’s of ex-sufferers

Touring is probably our life’s primary places. Once we need to move someplace we have to arrange much to ensure that people are prepared to comprehend our trip stress- and create issues. Visiting through bus has received among the main components within our trip. Wherever we proceed be it perhaps a long holiday in Singapore or possibly a brief holiday our holiday via bus’s majority have journey. All may achieve simply places though you will uncover methods which are additional open to journey however the customer automobiles. Bus trip is usually approved as among the budget and also easiest saving transportation strategy that is essential for your percentage visit. As this cannot burn your financial allowance to guard visitor’s locations all-in Singapore bus trip would be the greatest style for that trip.

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