Online Dating Frauds Red Flags

Relationship sites are the perfect way to meet new people, start a new relationship, fall in love… get scammed of huge sums of money, meet sex predators, start new relationship with ‘single-married’ men and the list goes on and on. If you are flirting with the idea of using relationship sites, then you should definitely know how to spot these red flags on dating sites.

Ultra fast relationship

If you find your online Romeo skipping important phase of the relationship, do not overlook this. Men who have a hidden motive will rush through the relationship to get to their own ends. For example they will skip through the introductory phase and won’t bother about knowing about your friends and family. They will repeatedly ask to meet you as soon as possible.

Super Romantic at all times

These men get extremely romantic and familiar the moment they start talking to you. They start sharing your dreams the moment they meet you and will make you feel that they are the one that you have been eagerly searching and awaiting for all these years.

Super Successful

Your online Romeo will be a very successful man, either being an independent rich entrepreneur or having a well remunerated position in a top company. He will also give you the impression that he travels the world a lot and has experience of life but now wants to settle down and you happen to be the queen of his heart. Within seconds, this man will sweep you off your feet and make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Basically he will appear to be the perfect man.


He will never refuse anything you say. He is willing to relocate to any place you wish and willing to take you in whenever you want to move in with him. The moment you ask him for pictures of his house, you will get those of a perfect house, clean and tidy, almost like the ones you see in interior design magazines! Only difference is that when you ask to have a video call, you won’t see much of his luxurious house. He will never displease you-far from that, he is willing to even fetch the moon for you.

That’s why you should only register on an authentic and legit website. But how will you know so? You can checkout customer reviews seeking arrangement. They are honest and candid. And in this case this website is actually very user friendly and genuine as they believe in building and fixing bonds. 

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