How Are Rebound Relationships More Complicated Than You Think?

Rebounding on someone just after your breakup can be harmful to you. It is an old saying that all endings are a new beginning, and the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Sometimes the other person can be good for you; not all the rebounds hurt. Some people are cunning and take advantage of your sensitive state, Proextender is available online. Many people who want who you are rebounding with have found their opportunity in you to play with your emotions.

There was a huge rate of breakups in the pandemics because they couldn’t meet their partners, and they found others on social media. In this situation, people don’t have their friends to move out and overcome their pain. Instead, they have to sit inside their home. These conditions may lead you into a rebound relationship. Rebounds may not be bad sometimes, but they can be harmful if you are dating someone and just hit by breakups. You may miss your ex-partner a bit to make them feel jealous you do such activity.

Think Before You Enter

When people are going through breakups, they don’t think too much, as this is one of the most difficult parts of your life. We know that it is not very easy to get over someone, but many people who want the partner to feel jealous or show them that they can be happy without them do not think and get into such relationships.

Some rebounds can be with genuine feelings, but some are not. For example, the person you are rebounding with may not have any sensitive feelings for you, and then you may again feel hurt when they do something wrong to you.

May Be In Lots of Pain

When you decide to have a new partner, you don’t know that you are entering a rebound relationship. You miss your ex-partners and may cry sometimes. But you think that the other person you are rebounding with may get hurt if you tell them. So this condition may hurt you only when you are not emotionally available to make you hurt more.

You may think that you are happy, but the inner you’re not, this may lead to the breakup with that person also. Sometimes you may have to tease your ex-partner, but they will haunt you when you don’t get the attention of your new partner.

Impulsive Decision Hurts Other Person

After break up, if you decide to be with a new partner may not be fun sometimes. This decision can hurt you more than your earlier breakup. Rebounding on someone just after a breakup can be the most dangerous decision. You sometimes date a person you don’t know, and you were dating your ex-partner, whom you have known for years.

So this may lead to many conflicts between you and your new partner. When you’re are dating the new partner and constantly thinking about them and talking about your break up with them to your new partner who feels for you genuinely may hurt them a lot.

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