Here Is The Complete Guide On How You Can Catch An Axolotl In Minecraft

Do you play Minecraft? Do you know what Axolotl is? Some people may not have the idea about that, but they want to get the proper detail regarding that so that they can use that and make the game even easier and impressive. The Axolotl is the new mob that has been added in the Minecraft 1.17 caves and cliffs update. But the main question arises in the people’s minds, and that is doing the player will be able to catch them and or tame the one. And if you think that doing all these things will be difficult or you will not be able to do it easily. Then you are wrong!

A player can easily find, catch and tame the Axolotl in the game, so easier than the people tell it. All you need is some techniques. You may even get the Axolotl if you have the alt account for the Minecraft from drilledaltsIt is because if you have that, then things may become so easy for you, and you will be able to enjoy it so much. You can find the creature in the game by following a guide, and that you need to concentrate on the game and here because here you will get the complete guide for that.

Where can you find Axolotl?

First off, if you want to catch the Axolotl or tame them or do anything, first you need to actually find the one. But as you do not know about the creature much, you may be wondering where you can find the Axolotl. That is why first you need to know a little bit about the creatures, that is it is the aquatic cave animals which means if you want to get the Axolotl, you need to find them someplace where there is complete darkness or the level of light will be O.

If they are the aquatic cave animal, they will be somewhere in that habitat covered with the blocks on the top, and it will not be easy for you to dive that deep. But the thing is, you do not have to dive in that to actually get one because the spawn point of the Axolotl can be below y: 63, which means sea level or below. There you will be able to get the Axolotl spawn in a group of one to four, and they will come in different colors. But if you want, then you should look for the Blue one because that is the rarest one that you can find, like only one in 1200.

How can you Tame the Axolotl?

Once you find the Axolotl, the next thing that you need to do is actually catching and then taming them. 

And to do that, it will take a proper different approach that you need to look for because you need to tame them just like the cat or a wolf. So one of the most common ways to catch the Axolotl is by using the Bucket; when you are going to find that creature, you can take the bucket with you because you will need that wherever you go on the map. And when you see that creature in the water bodies, you can just take the bucket and put it in the water bodies.  

In this way, you will get hold of the creature in the bucket with the tropical fish so easily without any problem. But one thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you need to put that Axolotl in a safe place because if that creature spends more than five minutes out of the water, it will die. That is why you need to be careful while you decide where you can put it or drop it. You need to make that decision after thinking more and more about it. It is because you do not want to kill it because you will need them to creed further so that they can create more and more of the Axolotl.

You can tame them when you find or catch them because it is important for you to tame them once because then only you will be able to feed them. And just like the cat and wolf, these are the clever creature you need to be careful about that and then only you will be able to feed them, and it is important to feed because then they will be ready to breed.

How can you Breed the Axolotl?

Once you find, catch, and tame the Axolotl, you need to move towards the next step, which is breeding. You need to get those creatures to enter in the ‘Love mode,’ and they will get that when you give them the bucket of tropical fish. It is what attracts the Axolotl as they will be able to eat them, and once you will feed them and they will be happy and full, they will show you the heart. Once they show the heart, that means they are ready to breed. It is obvious that you will need two Axolotl so that they can breed and create a baby Axolotl.

Once the baby is created, it will only take 20 minutes for the baby so that they can get mature and become an adult. In just 20 minutes, the baby Axolotl will become fully grown up, and then they can do a lot of things in the game that will make the game more amazing.

It may be worth noticing that the whole process of the Axolotl breeding will work in the survival mode, but if you are playing in the Creative mode, you will be able to spawn easily. It means you will not get to face any problem if you are getting playing in survival or any other mode as you are going to have an amazing experience with that. If you want to do this, you will need to use the spawn egg in the Axolotl bucket.

If you want to breed the Axolotls, then the player will need to find the two Axolotls, it may not look easy, but when you do it, you will find it a lot easier and will be able to catch and breed them without any complications. There are so many different videos that you may find on YouTube so that if you are not able to understand how you can breed the Axolotls, you can see it from there, and you will get to know everything.

Minecraft can be an amazing game where you can experience many amazing things and learn so many things about different creatures. If you want to know about the Axolotls, you will get all the updates about that in the Minecraft 1.17 update that has been released, and with that, there are many more new things or content that you may find there.

The Final Thought

From here, you may have got the proper detail about the Axolotls in Minecraft; you may have understood why they are there or how you can find the catch and tame there. It is an easy process but only if you will do that practically.

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