Discover Mix Tape Student Credit Card – Learn about them

If you are currently in college or getting ready to start college, more than likely you have a good idea of how expensive everything can be. Between tuition, books, lab time, gas, housing, groceries, and all the other expenses associated with going away to college, when choosing a credit card, you want to choose wisely. The obvious goal would be to choose a credit card that would provide enough buying power but not so much that you get in over your head. The great news is that even if you had less than perfect credit, you would still have excellent options to consider.

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One of the best cards now being offered for students with fair credit is the Discover Mix Tape Student Credit Card. This card has a number of features that would prove highly advantageous. For instance, as long as you make the monthly payment on time and do not go over the established credit limit, this Discover credit card would help you rebuild a solid credit history. Over time, your fair FICO score would increase, which means in addition to having a credit card for necessary purchases while in college, the card would ultimately repair damaged credit.

Typically, student credit cards specifically for people with fair credit are designed with only minimum features but the Discover Mix Tape Student Credit Card is different. With this card, you would enjoy a six-month introductory period during which time the annual Percentage Rate would be at 0% for standard purchases, something virtually unheard of with similar card offers. After the introductory period, interest would increase to between 10.74% and 17.74% variable based on several factors to include the degree of your fair credit rating. Now, if you were to miss a payment, interest would increase for a set amount of time to 13.99% to 23.99%.

Some of the more fun benefits of the Discover Mix Tape Student Credit Card include a 5% cash back bonus for specific categories such as travel, retail, gasoline, groceries, dining, and more, as well as a cash back bonus between 5% and 20% for purchases made through the online Discover shopping mall. In addition to this, the credit card offers 1% unlimited cash back for all other purchases to include toiletries, books, school supplies, and more.

The grace period for this credit card is 25 days, which by industry standard, is generous. Regarding fees, while there is no balance transfer, over the limit, or annual fee, this card does come with a 2% foreign transaction fee, a 5% cash advance fee, and a late fee that goes up to $35. All of this coupled with the cool design of the Discover Mix

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