Complete Guide On The Marvel Contest Of The Champions

Are you planning to play the online games? If yes, then marvel contest of champions is a game that is played by the players. But before a player starts to play the game, he will get the answer to the question as how to install Marvel Contest of Champions on Windows?

Marvel champion challenge is a game that is played by the players on the android and the iPhones. This is a game that includes the various superheroes out of which the players have the complete freedom to select the one in which they are more interested; the players must have the basic knowledge regarding the various controls of the game in order to play the game perfectly.

Once a person downloads the game and clicks on it in order to play the game, then the first thing that he will have to consider is that the right side of the screen is to perform the various types of the attacks. If the player slides the correct finger, then the light attack gets performed. In case if the player slides the finger, then the medium attack is performed by the person.

In case if the person wishes to do a heavy attack, then it is advisable for him to press the finger downward. Generally, after playing the game, some of the players have concluded that the light attacks are known to be the fastest one; on the other hand, the weakest and the heavy attacks are considered to be the slowest ones, but they are generally more powerful.

 It depends on the player who is playing the game and what type of the game mode he selects. If we consider about the various options, then the light and medium attacks can be blocked by the players, but this facility is not available with the heavy attacks.

This is the complete guide regarding the right side of the screen that is considered to be the attack site. On the other hand, if we talk about the left side, then it is the defensive side. If a person wants to be defensive, then he will have to focus on the left side of the screen. If the player put pressure on the left side, then he will be blocked. If the player will slide your finger, then he will dodge, as a result of which the space will be created between you and the opponent. The player should try to attack another person only in the situation when the opponent has finished attacking another person.

Which class to choose in the game?

There are various characters that are involved in this game. The various type of the characters includes the cosmic, technical, mutant, talented and mysterious one. The players have the complete freedom to select the champions of their choice. Now we will discuss in detail about the various classes of the choice of available so that the player can make the better selection:

  • Cosmic

These are the one whose comic books deal with the most marvel science fiction inspired stories. This is a class that has the primary characters like the Ronan and the captain marvel. They are generally seen to be strong if they are fighting against the technical champions; on the other hand, they are weak if they are fighting against the mystical champions.

  • Mystic

Mystic champions are the ones who have the faith on the magic as their primary source of the power. They have the Dormammu and the magik among its top ranks as people prefer them at the top list. They are seen to be robust against the cosmic champions and weak against the champions of the science.

  • Mutant

They are generally considered to be the next evolution after then men. Mainly this class includes the wolverine and the Deadpool as the main characters. They are also strong against a specific class like the talented champions and weak against the technical champions.

  • Talent

Generally, the qualities of the heroes of each class have varied qualities. Talented champions are the ones who have the faith on their skills rather than on their superpowers. This class typically includes the champions like the panther and the daredevil. They are strong against the scientific champions, and they are found to be weak against the mutants.

  • Scientific

The fighters who belong to this class are known to use their intelligence in order to fight in a proper manner, or they have just been altered by science in some way. Spiderman and hulk are the most famous characters of this class. They are strong against the mystical champions and weak against the talented champions.

  • Technical

As we have already discussed that there are various types of classes that are available as an option, out of which one is the technicians. They are the one who prefers to use their technology in order to fight in a proper manner like the iron man and the star lord. They are known to be strong against the mutant class and are weak against the cosmic champions.

The above mentioned are the various classes that are available for the players. They can make the selection of the best once after considering some of the essential factors. Make sure that other than taking an idea regarding the class, you even get an idea as to how to install Marvel Contest of Champions on Windows?

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