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Having a dog might also mean that there could be a lot of work to consider which are completely worth it anyway. Aside from dealing with their proper diet, great exercise routines, lots of love as well as regular visits to their veterinarian, best dog grooming is another important factor with regards to responsible pet guardianship and would be of great help in keeping dogs in tip-top condition.

What is dog grooming?

Grooming of dogs refers to both cleanings of the dog and hygienic care. But grooming is indeed more than just washing the fur of the dog and giving it a trim or cutting dog hair. It is considered as a head-to-toe spruce up and is the perfect chance in order to ensure that everything looks healthy and clean and also in order for you to learn what is indeed normal for your dog.

There are some pet guardians that are into considering grooming to those professional doggy groomers still you must learn that it is not a daunting task and it would provide valuable bonding between you and your dog as well.

Once there are no available professional dog groomers in your area or once you want to save money, basic grooming at home could be considered. There are some areas wherein mobile pet wash or dog grooming mobile service being offered particularly to those dog owners that are too busy and couldn’t deal with either dog and cat grooming. Grooming is one of the important things sp[eacilly for such animals who have long hair. If they are not groomed perfectly, the chances of dirt and hair falling get high. So you can get the K9 Advantix that is highly known for its grooming services. Make sure to comb the hairs of your poets at least once a day for better and shiny coats.

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Why there is a need for grooming?

Grooming for pets is definitely an important part in the well-being as well as healthiness of your dog that could indeed improve their lifespan too. All breeds of dogs indeed require grooming every single day but how much might depend on the breed, health, and age of the dog. Through regular grooming, dogs are guaranteed to be comfortable and healthy.

It is also important to be aware that though numbers of dogs shed, there are others that actually do not shed as profusely and would need grooming with profession within every six to eight weeks as a maximum. You must also be aware of some puppy haircuts as you consider grooming your dog.

There are numbers of reasons why grooming for dogs are indeed important. Some of the main reasons include the following:

Decreased the chance of different health problems like scratches, thrush, and some other skin problems and would make the dog look prettier

Monitoring the health of the dogs through checking for heat, cut, lameness, swelling or some changes in their temperament as all might be indicative of illness

General cleanliness of the dog

Reducing infestation load of the external parasites on the skin through pet haircuts

Forging of a closer bond between the dog and the owner

With those reasons, there should be no doubt at all on your part that best dog grooming should be considered.

Now, be guided by the information below in order to make the most out of grooming for your dog.


Brushing your dog, it will not just remove excess fur and dirt however it would also help in preventing tangles as well as conditions on their coat through spreading the natural oils. The length and type of the dog’s coat would identify how often there is a need to brush and also what types of tools are suitable

Work your way from the head of your dog through its tail and ensure that you brush all the layers and not just the ones on top. Brushing is also a convenient time in order to check the fur of your dog and the skin for some signs of ticks, fleas and some external parasites, bumps, lumps and scratches which might need attention from the vet.


After having good brushing of the dogs, it is now the right time to suds up. You should choose a shampoo that is suitable to the age, coat type and skin of your dog. Read this for you to be guided about the right shampoo.

Secure the dog within a non-slip basin or tub then get into work. There are numbers of dogs that are not great fans of bath time and with this, you have to work quickly but gently. You might also use plenty of praise within the process.

You have to make sure of keeping the shampoo and water out of the eyes, mouth and ears of the dog. But dogs might not always need a bath a lot frequently since once done a lot more often it could dry out the skin of the dog. In fact, it would be enough to bath them once a month, especially to some breeds.

Ear Cleaning

Ears must be regularly checked in order to ensure that they are healthy and clean and grooming time is definitely a great chance to do so. Through a gentle touch, inspect the inside of the ears of the dogs.

Healthy ear would look like light pink having no signs of irritation or debris. Once the ears of the dog look dirty, you might clean them with the use of cotton ball being dampened with a hydrogen peroxide, a mineral oil or a specialized ear-cleaning solution.

You should not ever stick cotton swabs or some other objects to the ears of your dog. Once you notice a discharge, odors, redness, swelling, dark brown or black wax, and hair loss then this might indicate a problem and so you must seek advice from the professional veterinarian or from the best pet groomers.

And in addition, this guide could be of great help as well in terms of ear cleaning.

Nail Trimming

Trimming the nails of your dog might be the most unnerving step within the grooming process. Once you trim their nails too short they could bleed however if not trimmed frequently it would be at risk for some problems such as infection, nail break, or altered gait.

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