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One time we actually predicted children with The Sun tarot card once and we were right. However, most of the time, The Sun card is all about the Apollian ideal. Healthy, new, young and fresh. The brain is working, everything that was muddy becomes clear, everything begins to fall into place, and everything is going your way. It is just one of those days when everything is going just right. The money you were waiting for arrives in the mail, the bonus has been added to your check, the project you have been trying to complete comes our perfectly and you get all the good credit for it. Traffic lights turn green when you are driving, liars come clear and apologize to you, the garden has beautiful flowers, the sky is blue, the water is comes the sun.

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When you take a look at The Sun tarot card, you will find two children that have no clothes on. The little naked boy will be found sometimes taking a ride on a pony that is white or you will find a little boy and a little girl. You will also find sunflowers, sometimes a wall and sometimes a banner.

Of course, the Sun is ruled by.the Sun. The Sun is the light that comes to you after the night has been long and dark. The Sun is a positive card, as in real life; there is no negative to The Sun. If you get The Sun card in a tarot reading then you should smile. The Sun card promises the Querent that they are going to have their day in the sun. The Sun card symbolizes discoveries that will be made, as you are wide-awake and full of conscious. The Sun is a car of intellect along with feelings of that youthful energy. The children that are in this card can be taken literally if that is what the tarot spread seems to be suggesting. Your Querent can be told that a baby that is very much welcome will be on the way. If a baby is on the way then it will more than likely be either a boy or twins.

The Sun card is sitting at number nineteen. As you may already know, The Sun is a tarot card that means contentment, bliss and happiness. The two kids on The Sun card are usually holding hands and dancing together or maybe even playing a musical instrument to show the harmony with one another.

Many individuals believe that if we truly follow out true nature we are going to come to a state of bliss because with our highest self, we are harmony. Have you ever noticed how all of our life happens to be based on duality? It is always this and that, right and wrong, black and white. We see this throughout the tarot fundamental human dilemma of duality. When you continue to live in the darkest places, there will be no harmony which means no true happiness. If this is the case then you should turn to The Sun because it has all the happiness in the world.

Tarot reading has been practiced by the ancient people from many civilizations for thousands of years ago already. The French and Italians of the 15th century have used tarot cards originally to play games as manifested by the gambling practices of the rich and the elites. But as time passes by, the game became less popular and evolved into a divinatory form of practice. In addition to this, it was also found out by historians and researchers that the ancient Egyptians also use tarot that represent the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses such as Isis and Typhon.

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What is Tarot Reading?

Contrary to others’ beliefs, the readers and interpreters of the cards understand that there is no absolute forecast of the future. However, tarot reading is one of the many forms of divination that attempts to predict possible turnouts of events and gain insights about one’s aspects of life. Readers of the tarot may interpret the symbols in a variety of ways. Their individual perspective may add up to the analysis of the cards. But for those who are planning to try the art of predicting the future or who are exploring the psychic world, here are the basic things you have to know about tarot cards as well as the most common tarot reading meanings you have to know before becoming a proficient tarot card reader.

Major and Minor Arcana

The standardized tarot cards are composed of 78 cards all-in-all and are divided into two categories – the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana refers to the unique, stand-alone cards which have their own symbolic tarot card meanings. Examples of these are the fool, the lovers, the emperor and the chariot.

The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, resembles that of a typical deck of cards which has four (4) suits. Each suit has a card with numbers from 1 to 10 and face cards known as the king, queen, page and knight.


The spread refers to the positioning of the cards during the tarot reading. Each arrangement depends on the type of question posed by the client. The most common are the Celtic Cross and Tree of Life.

As the name puts it, the Tree of Life takes the position of the tree. It is composed of ten cards that provide information about the person’s current situation. This may involve emotional relationships, career and things about home and family. The Celtic Cross, on the other hand, is the most common arrangement being used by tarot readers. It can be used when the querent has specific question he wants to be answered. Queries about potential challenges, hopes and fears as well as events in the future are also foretold using the Celtic Cross.

The interpretation of each card selected by the person may vary depending on the perspective and psychic vision and power of the reader who does the tarot reading. The meaning of each card may guide an individual in his present or future decisions by revealing the possible events which may occur in the future or things which are already transpiring during the present time.

Psychic Tarot card readings – thanks to Hollywood movies, the sheer mention of this pops up an image of a psychic reader leaning over a round table placed in a dimly candlelit room, wearing a flowing gown and announcing an impending gloom in front of our eyes. But in reality, a psychic tarot reader can be quite unlike this and look no different than you and me….his only specialty being that he is invested with special prowess to read and foretell the future through some unique psychic powers that he is invested with.

Psychic Tarot card readings – why?

Most people nurture the idea that Psychic Tarot card readings is another way of fortune telling that is available in the future prediction roster. And yes, it definitely IS a way of obtaining hints and guidance on the future course of events that may take place in a seeker’s life. But it is also something more and there are a number of other benefits attached to this fortune telling methodology.

When going for Psychic Tarot card readings, a person can also place the queries that he is seeking answers to, in his life, in front of the reader, to get answers to and comprehend the implications of many issues in his life.

Through Psychic Tarot card readings it is possible to take an in-depth look into your life, your actions and also your thinking pattern which will accumulatively help you in figuring out your life and your relationships better. It is suggested that people should explore online tarot card reading for getting the best result in this concept. It will be way more convenient if you perform such kind of activities accurately. There are a lot of things that matter a lot while starting your journey with the card reading. You should get all the information accurately.

Psychic Tarot card readings – are they different from the normal tarot card readings?

Yes, Psychic Tarot card readings are by and large different from the normal tarot card readings, although common people seem to hold them as one and the same.

For a normal tarot card reader, the picture depicted on the drawn tarot card and its immediate interpretation is all that matters and his predictions are solely and exclusively based on that.

On the other hand, a psychic tarot card reader, thanks to his special psychic prowess, uses his intuitive skills to read the cards and make the predictions. And herein lies the difference between the two. Tarot as a form of divination is intended to give the seeker an insight into the meaning of his existence and this can understandably be best done by a psychic who has instinctive skills to his/her credit for performing Psychic Tarot card readings.

Psychic Tarot card readings – are they better than automated tarot card reading?

Automated tarot card readings are available in the internet, but in no way can they come upto the levels of Psychic Tarot card readings. A computer simply can never be able to convey divination or spiritual information with intuitiveness. Yes, they are good to derive Tarot card meanings, but predictions and forecasts – that cannot be as good as psychic readings, never.