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My childhood was filled with cartoons and series programs. Remembering the old days gives me a feeling of nostalgia. My favorite cartoon growing up was Pokémon

Pokémon, also called ‘pocket monsters,’ was a hit in my heart. Multiple characters, features, and even fights were pulled in this cartoon. Remembering the old days sure brings me to tears of joy. The game was created by the Japanese creative franchise and was founded by multiple video game companies. It was centered around the fictional character called Pokémon. He was a small fluffball who have powers of his own and was yellow and black; once his power would extinguish, he would turn into his original self and reside in the pockets of the owner. 


The concept of this game is pretty vast and detailed. The first one being the gameplay, where it was adapted from comic books to give it a real feature and soon transformed into computer games and videogames. Each player who plays the game is a trainer and had a few goals in mind to follow – In the fiction region, find all the Pokémon’s as you can and collect them; secondly, in the area of poke – dox, one must train their Pokémon’s so that they can battle within the Pokémon league and defeat other trainers and their species and win the big final league. 

With the alternative incarnations, one can even possess a while Pokémon that is more greedy and futile, and this is possible when one throws the poke – the ball that is the shape of a sphere. This helps to trap them and confine them in the ball.  Trainers can then send in their species in a battle and can even collect other losers Pokémon and train them as well; with each level being cleared, it becomes harder. Throughout the journey, there are trainers that you would meet in a single-player game where they are considered to be evil characters and would go to lengths and bounds to see you fail. 

In large-scale media production

Once they realized that the spin-offs, comics, and even the limited-edition toys were selling, fast forward to 2019, live-action films were directed with the help of special effects in the movie where real-life action and collecting of the Pokémon’s take place. There have been about 23 theatricals and animations based on the series and have been showcased in Japan and worldwide. Apart from entering into the film industry, they have also entered into the music industry and created soundtracks for the same. For the company’s anniversary, there have been around 8 soundtracks in various languages to appeal to the audience. In the year of 2014, they had made a deal with monopoly and had a limited-edition Pokémon monopoly. 

Pokémon Quiz

After understanding the actual craze behind these series, certain websites are dedicated to Pokémon. There are online sites that help you find your true Pokémon or help determine what type of Pokémon you are and why. It is almost as similar as a personality test where one person fills out a form and answers questions to which they seem fit. These help you find out which character you relate to the most and give a detailed explanation as to why you are suited perfectly for the same. One can go on to multiple sites and keep up with interesting games, quizzes and know rare trivia facts.


This is a game that is so popular that it is hard to tame down; from knowing what is Pokémon to solving the Pokémon quiz to find out your hidden Pokémon personality, it is overall amazing.