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This is the most important thing both for your puppy as well as for you .Its important to your puppy because it prevents your puppy from needless troubles. Things such as puppy coming in contact to toxic materials by teething the container, which is dangerous, can be prevented. Making your home safe for your puppy is good for you because you can avoid expensive things being destroyed by your DOGS’S curiosity.

The rule “prevention is better that cure “applies here. Teach by prevention. For example don’t place trash cans open and closing it with tight fitting lids and putting them away where your puppy can’t reach it. Remember to treat your puppy as how you would treat your own baby and be thankful that your puppy will learn acceptable behaviors in a matter of months, or almost as quickly as you can teach it.

Begin with simple and obvious precautions .Put all those medicines, deodorants, chemicals, nail polishers and other harmful products out of reach .If there are any products with a poison warning on it, be sure everyone in the family knows it and put those products in a shelf where your dog can’t reach it .The products which we consider as every day hygiene products like toothpaste, mouth wash, soaps are detrimental for your dog. So put them away in a secured shelf and be sure to discard the empty containers where your dog can’t get at them.

Here are a few checklists for making your home safe for your puppy


  • Put all knives and all other utensils away in drawers.
  • Get a trash can with tight lid.
  • Put all household cleaners in the cupboard the closes securely.


  • Put all the jewellery, nail polish, and nail polish removers, hairpins in a secure box.
  • Pick up all socks, shoes and other chewable things.
  • Securely put away all potentially dangerous items like medicines, vitamins, perfumes and other cosmetics.


  • Keep all household cleaners like phenyls, shampoos, soaps, perfumes and other personal care products in cupboards that close securely.
  • Consider using childproof cabinets.
  • Don’t use toilet bowl cleaners that releases chemicals each time you flush.
  • Keep the toilet bowl lid down.
  • Throw away naphthalene balls and any other solid air fresheners.


  • Put all the dangerous substance on high shelves.
  • Clean up any spills.
  • Store all gardening supplies out of reach for the dog.
  • Sweep the floors for nails and other small iron pieces.


  • Tape up or cover all electrical wires.
  • Knot or tie up any loose cords from curtains, blinds and the telephone.
  • Put all houseplants out of reach.
  • Move saucers or your favorite chinawares to high places.

Pick all the chewable items including television wires, remote controllers, shoes, socks, mobile phones, slippers food dishes, books, magazines and anything else that can be chewed on.

Be safe and make your home safe for your pooch. Good luck.

When you are planning to buy a dog you may be confused as to which breed to choose. Dogs come in different color, breed, Size, temperament and some unique characteristics. As a prospective dog owner you might be having various issues regarding buying a puppy. I suggest you to do a thorough research before you select a dog .This is because your dog will be spending its entire life time with you and your dog should suit your lifestyle.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a dog

  • What size of dog do you favor?
  • Will your dog be living with other pet you have (if any)?
  • Will your dog be an inside dog or outside dog?
  • Does the breed you choose have any breed specific problems?
  • How you and your family members get along with the dog?
  • How much can you afford for your dog?

If you address these basis question then you can take the next step of choosing the breed which you prefer .While choosing a breed, it is a good idea to talk with people who have first hand experience with the breed you are interested in .Or visit any dog shows where you can talk with the owners about the ideal dog you are interested in.

Before actually getting your puppy the first thing you have to do is to locate a vet .You can get a referral from your friends or your puppy’s breeder .Call him and get-acquainted appointment. And then call your local canine control officer and find out at what age your puppy will require a license and what other local laws apply to dogs in your area. Many cities now have leash laws, for example, that require your dog to be leashed whenever he is out in public. Ignorance of these laws may result in stiff fines.

Finally just go and select a breed and bring him home .Start enjoying your new baby.