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If you are comparing buildings two buildings that are built at the same time, then the responsible factors could be the poor selection of material, climate difference, location, water leakage in the foundation, soil erosion, and difference, as well as some human influences like load, maintenance, and preservatives.

One major factor responsible for the same could be the structure of the building. The arrangement of columns, support beams, etc., affects the condition of a building majorly in the long run. And therefore, στατικη ενισχυση κτιριων becomes necessary after some time.

How Do Old And New Buildings Withstand Earth’s Destructive Forces? 

One of the most destructive natural catastrophes is an earthquake, and several old buildings collapse in earthquakes every year. These buildings are falling because of the ill structure and support mechanism used while constructing them in the past due to lack of knowledge and innovations. But modern buildings follow a code of construction consisting of several measures and building materials that are mandatory to make them earthquake-proof.

And in order to protect the old buildings against collapsing, some reinforcement projects can be undertaken so that the weaknesses of the buildings are taken care of. It is vital to strengthen the old buildings by applying basic or advanced techniques as the budget allows. A structural engineer would examine several factors to provide a feasible solution for reinforcement.

Earthquakes can create horizontal pressure on the buildings due to the shockwaves through the ground. And most of the buildings are generally structured to handle vertical forces like weight and gravity and not horizontal forces. And since the movement at the bottom of the building differs from the movement at the top, it could lead to extreme stress and rupturing of the structure of the building leading it to collapse.

Innovative Building Materials Used For Reinforcement Of Buildings 

  • Modern building materials are designed to absorb shock and have more excellent shape retention to come in their original shape after the pressure is removed. Materials like structural steel, memory alloy, and flexible wood like bamboo are used for lightweight, flexible, and good weight-to-strength ratio.
  • Reinforcement concrete mix is available in the market, which contains additional metal and shock absorbent material so that it doesn’t come off due to vibrations of an earthquake.
  • The interlocking structure and designs for the foundation, column, support beams, and diaphragms of the building offer better stability to the overall structure and provides adequate horizontal load-bearing.

These are measures taken to provide strength and stability to buildings against earthquakes and other disasters. For old buildings, a structural engineer can examine the condition of the building, evaluate the vicinity and suggest an optimal solution for the στατικη ενισχυση κτιριων.

Presently there are more than dozens of items and ways to prevent the old buildings by reinforcing them, which has become possible due to modern innovations. Therefore, people who cannot afford a new house or losing their loved ones either due to collapsing of their old apartment or building can invest in reinforcement projects that are reasonably priced.