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Aquarium vegetation is necessary to improve the water quality of your tank while it recreates a vivid and life-like ecosystem in your aquarium. Apart from this, it also provides security and shelter to your fish. You should know that freshwater aquarium plants help maintain the quality of tank water and provide fish a healthy environment to live in.

No doubt, plastic plants are good for better visual effects and more convenient to place, but it doesn’t undermine the importance of having fresh aquarium plants. It adds filtration, produces oxygen, and absorbs the ammonia and carbon dioxide that your fish produces.

You should know it is essential for the growth and survival of the aquarium inhabitants. So, once you have decided to add live aquarium vegetation, you should know that there are usually three different types of fresh aquarium plants:

  • Foreground plants
  • Mid-ground plants
  • Background plants

Let us discuss the types of freshwater aquarium plants.

  1. Foreground Plants 

These plants are specifically placed at the front of the aquarium as they grow slowly and have a shorter length. You should know that these plants are also considered carpet plants as they are likely to grow outward instead of upward, resulting in covering the grounds like a green carpet.

  1. Mid-Ground Plants 

Usually, these plants are taller than the front, which means mid-plants are used on the sides and in the middle of aquarium tanks. As a result, they give out an aesthetic look without consuming much space for swimming. In addition, your fish can glide around these plants and play with others, which gives out a soothing experience.

  1. Background Plants 

These are the biggest plants in your aquarium, which are used at the back of the tank. They help create a natural backdrop and provide a safe place for fish to hide and claim their home.

Now you know the different types of freshwater aquarium plants. Next, it’s time for you to know what types of plants you can use in your aquarium to recreate a life-like underwater ecosystem.

  • Moneywort 

Moneywort is the easiest plant to grow in the freshwater of an aquarium, and it is also known as Brahmi to herbalists. You should know that it looks bright green and slightly lime under proper light conditions, which makes it a must-have plant in your aquarium. The best thing about this plant is that it can grow 12 inches on average, and if you have maintained the right environment, it can even grow taller.

  • Red Ludwigia 

The ludwigia mini super red is an amphibious plant, meaning you can grow them partially or fully submerged in an aquarium, making them suitable for different plant displays, vivariums, and aquariums. You should ensure to provide adequate lighting conditions, resulting in proper red and green leaves.

However, if you are growing this plant partially submerged, it can cause the leaves to have lighter colors. The best thing about this plant is that the red color will be more vibrant and vivid when grown under correct lighting.

These are the types of plants you can use in your freshwater aquarium and create a life-like ecosystem.