A Few Hidden Facts About The Villagers In The Game Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft are a part of the mobs. They are your enemies, and they can kill you if you do not protect yourself from them. They look so lovely, but they are your enemies, and a beginner cannot recognize whether they are friends or his/her enemies. However, the villagers have been changes due to the upgraded versions of the game, and you will find upgradation in the villagers as well as in the villages present in the game. There are so many changes made to them that are unnoticeable, but it makes them more powerful and dangerous. There are farms and minecon capes which also have been changed in the new versions of the game.

Talking about the hidden facts of the villagers, they have been inspired by the dungeons masters 2. This is a game in which the shopkeepers are the mobs, and these villagers are made after getting inspired by them. The game has inspired the developers, and they have taken this thing from their concept. Nitwits are the other thing present in the game. They are poor black sheep who are unable to get a job in the game, and they just wander around the village. Let’s discuss these facts in brief.

  • Villagers are inspired by the Dungeons Master 2

The villagers present in the game were not originally part of the game. The developers get the idea of adding these villagers from the game Dungeons Masters 2. The game has shopkeepers in it, who play the role of mobs like villagers are playing Minecraft. That game was a crawler game, and Minecraft was also originally named a cave game. All this is pointing out that the developers of Minecraft have taken so many things and inspiration from Dungeons Masters 2.

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This can be said as a fact as the nitwits present in the game are black sheep. They are poor little animals who did not get any job in the game and wander here and there around the villages. They can be easily identified by the players with their green-colored robes. You can also find them in the villages near the bells. Comparing nitwits with the villagers, they stay up late at night and awake later than the villagers.

  • Relation between witch, villagers, and igloos

Igloos in the game are a kind of hidden structure. They will look so simple to you, but they are not that simple. You will mainly find them in the snowy biomes. These igloos are made up of 50% concrete, and you will find a basement under every igloo. The entrance to that basement will be under the carpet, which will be placed inside the igloo. In the basement, you are going to find an ordinary villager and a zombie villager. You will get a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple after killing the zombie villager. These igloos play an important role in the lore behind the witches present in the game.

 These witches are a normal villager who works as making a cure for the zombie villagers. But, when all the other villagers found that the witch was doing this kind of thing, they threw her out of the village. This is the reason that why they live alone, and no villager loves her.


Facts are essential to be known by a player for the game which he/she is paying. This is because it makes him/her clear that what kind of step should be taken in a particular situation and makes your experience better in the game. Some of the hidden facts of Minecraft have been discussed above; go through them.

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