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How to Recover from ACL Reconstruction

So, you injured your knee, had an MRI and found out you tore your ACL. Once the initial shock of the injury is over, it’s time to formulate a game plan so you can return to your everyday activities. Use the steps below as a guide to return you to 100% 6 months after surgery. Typically, 6 months is the benchmark for a full recovery time to return to sports / activities. Keep in mind, every surgery is different, and the results can vary. These are the steps I followed in 2002 and 2005 when I rehabbed my injured knees. Though I had the same surgery, using the same surgeon and physical therapist, the results were different. The first surgery had a much quicker rehab time up front, but took longer overall to return to normal. The second surgery was exactly the opposite. Hopefully, these steps will help you on your road to recovery.

Schedule pre-operative rehab

If your insurance allows it, schedule time with a physical therapist prior to surgery. Once the initial swelling is down, it’s important to regain range of motion and be able to straighten your leg. The stronger you go into surgery, the stronger you will come out, and the quicker you will recover. I went into both surgeries with very little inflammation and full range of motion, and I know that helped me after surgery.

Watch what you eat

You will not be as mobile as usual, and it’s very easy to pack on some quick pounds. Adjust your diet so this won’t happen. It is much easier to return to athletic shape if you are only worried about working on your knees. If you gain weight, you will have to rehab the knee and work harder to get the rest of your body back in shape.

Find out what you can do at home

There are some simple exercises you should be able to start right away at home. Typically, your first physical therapy appointment won’t be for a few days after surgery. Don’t waste this time. Ask your surgeon or physical therapist what you can do at home. You should at least be able to do some quad sets and attempt some straight leg raises. If you do straight leg raises, concentrate more on form than on quantity. The exercise only benefits you if you keep your leg straight.

Listen to your physical therapist

You may not like what you hear, but they know what they are talking about. Also, don’t make the mistake I did. I walked into my 1st physical therapy session with no crutches. I thought the therapist was going to kill me. That was her decision to make not mine. I didn’t realize there were a number of hurdles I had to clear before that should have happened. The therapists are being paid to assess you and guide you through your recovery. Allow them to do their jobs.

Put in extra time if you can

I tried to spend an extra 30 minutes working after each of my 30 minute therapy sessions were over. The therapist encouraged this and I think it really helped me to progress. I wasn’t really able to do this until after I was off crutches (2nd surgery took nearly 3 weeks for that to happen). The recovery of the person from the pain will be fast through the intake of the pills available at My Pill App website. The prices of the pills will be under the budget of the person to purchase them. 

Construct your own program

Once the structured 2 to 3 month rehabilitation program is complete, construct your own program. Begin with time on the elliptical or treadmill. Gradually increase the time and level of difficulty. By the end of your 3-month program, you should be at or near a full recovery and should feel like your old self.

Using a Dental Floss Threader

A dental floss threader is a handy device for anyone with braces, bridgework or other dental appliances that restrict access to teeth. Braces and the like make great breeding grounds for bacteria, and flossing daily will help cut down on plaque and other unpleasant consequences.

I first used a dental floss threader when I got braces at the age of fourteen. It was difficult at first because I wasn’t used to manipulating floss in a mouth full of metal, but it becomes second nature after you’ve practiced for a few weeks. In fact, the threader makes it so easy that you won’t need a mirror for long.

If your braces or bridgework are new, it is important to realize that using the dental floss threader might be uncomfortable at first. For that reason, you should take it slowly and work the floss very gently until your mouth becomes used to the new appliances.

First, take your dental floss threader in one hand and your floss string in the other. Thread one side of the floss through the loop in the threader until it is even on both sides.

The straight end of the dental floss threader can then be pushed through any small area behind posts in bridge work or under braces. Once the stiff end is through, hold on to one side of the actual floss with one hand and pull the other side through with the threader until you have floss on either side of the teeth.

After that, you can floss as usual by working the dental floss down into the crevice, moving it back and forth five or six times to dislodge food particles and plaque.

Some people, of course, have trouble using a dental floss threader, and you might not always have the implement available when you need to clean your teeth. One alternative is called Super Floss, and is essentially a threader and floss all in one.

Like the dental floss threader, Super Floss is composed of stiff nylon on both ends. The center length of the string is spongy material, which might actually be more comfortable than ordinary floss. Simply use the nylon strips just as you would a threader to loop behind bridge posts or between braces, and use the spongy section to clean the teeth and appliances.

Whether you use a dental floss threader or Super Floss, you will have a much easier time cleaning around difficult dental appliances. You can also use these products to clean between bonded or very closely-spaced teeth that resist the attempts with regular floss.

If you have trouble using your dental floss threader, your dentist can give you a demonstration and help you learn techniques that will make it easier for you. You will find that some products are thinner than others, and some have sharper ends that might puncture your gums if you jab too hard and miss the area between the teeth. Make sure to look at all products carefully before selecting one to purchase.

Understanding Manufacturers’ Coupons: As Good as Cash!

Smart Shopper

Does the following scene sound familiar? You’ve clipped the special coupon from your local supermarket’s newspaper ad or in-store circular–the one that offers an item free with a specific minimum purchase. Armed with your grocer’s written promise of this bit of extra compensation for your months or years of loyal patronage and faithful economic support, you carefully select a number of items, which (though you may be a little low on funds this week), add up to or slightly exceed the designated purchase amount.
After the mission (of squeezing as many necessities as possible into that “grand total”) is at last accomplished, you approach the checkstand with a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and a deep-down satisfaction such as only a fellow shopper can fathom.

Anticipated Reward

While the checker totals your order, you visualize your children’s pleasure at receiving these delectable embodiments of your shopping skill and reflect on just how much your little (or big!) ones deserve them–with today’s soaring food prices and dwindling dollar values adding up to fewer and fewer cookies in the family cupboard.

So far, so good.

When your purchases have been tallied, you reach for your coupons with confidence—What serious shopper wouldn’t?–and they are subtracted from your bill, bringing you substantial savings, a fact you’ve always been rather proud of, truth to tell.

Coupon Dilemma

But, next thing you know, sweet satisfaction gives way to dread disappointment, as the checker informs you that you haven’t purchased the required minimum to qualify you for the free item. And, sure enough, as you gaze with disbelief at the cash register total, you have indeed come up a dollar or two short of your projected “goal.”

What can you say? With other impatient shoppers waiting in line and possibly limited funds in your pocketbook, you decide it isn’t worth trying to choose an item to bring your balance back up to the required level. “Oh,” you stammer, trying hard to hide your chagrin. “I guess you’re right.” And…ever so reluctantly…you relinquish your coveted prize, with a vague feeling that something has gone wrong somewhere, denying you the very modest compensation which should rightfully be yours for bringing your business to this store week after week.

What Went Wrong?

Perhaps it isn’t until very much later–if at all–that it occurs to you that the amount of your purchase was sufficient to qualify you for the free item that was withheld–that it wasn’t until after your coupons had been subtracted that the total fell below the required amount–and this doesn’t seem fair to you somehow. You may not even be entirely certain why it seems unfair, but there’s no denying that it does.

Maybe you think this makes you a trifle greedy. After all, haven’t your coupons already saved you money once? Is it right to also use them to qualify for free items?

The Inside Scoop About Coupons

Were you to pursue the matter further, by calling or visiting the store and talking with its manager, you would learn an interesting fact about coupons: Manufacturer’s coupons–as opposed to in-ad or store-generated coupons–are considered a legitimate method of payment for your purchases. (In other words, they are as good as cash.) They do not decrease the amount of your purchase; they simply pay for a portion of it.

This means, of course, that the actual amount of your purchase is the total before manufacturer’s coupons have been subtracted, and not after, as your previous checker erroneously assumed. (As mentioned earlier, this does not apply to coupons clipped from the store’s own ads or generated by its coupon machines. These coupons are not equivalent to cash; they simply lower the cost of your purchase.)

Therefore, since your purchase amount was sufficient to qualify you for the free item before your coupons were subtracted (presuming, of course, that enough of them were manufacturer’s coupons), you are indeed entitled to receive it.

Now You Know!

Most store managers will honor this even after the fact, provided that not too much time has elapsed since the date of your purchase and you have a receipt to prove your contention.

So, returning to the store, within a few days or so, receipt in hand, you should have little trouble receiving the satisfaction both you and your children crave.

And as you partake of the fruits of your diligent follow-up, you can celebrate the knowledge that you will never have to endure that particular indignity again.

As the saying goes: “Knowledge is power”–even at the supermarket!

Tom Cruise, Scientology Video Pulled from YouTube

A video was pulled from YouTube yesterday, that, according to People Magazine, has been identified as a 2004 Scientology recruitment film. The film features actor, Tom Cruise, talking about the benefits of Scientology those who need help and explaining what gets him excited about Scientology.
YouTube has pulled the video off of their site but it has been seen on another website. The video can be viewed at the Defamer website. The video has a run time of just over nine minutes.

Cruise begins the film by stating that being a Scientologist is a privilege, one you have to earn. While some of his terms are unrecognizable to those who are not familiar with Scientology, his enthusiasm and fervor cannot be mistaken.

Tom speaks about how he won’t hesitate to put ethics out there on others because he puts them ruthlessly on himself.

He refers to KSW. This stands for “Keeping Scientology Working”. The KSW is a policy statement put out by L Ron Hubbard, the man who began Scientology. The KSW can be viewed in it’s entirety at the website carolinletkeman.org. He refers to himself and others, with regardto the need to reread the KSW and look at what needs to be done, and just do it.

He is very outspoken in the video about the need for action. Scientologists are in the know according to Cruise, and should therefore do what they can because they know they can help. He goes on to state further that they are the authorities on getting people off of drugs, improving conditions and rehabilitating criminals.

Tom states that spectators need to simply not be there. He has no time for spectators. To quote a portion of the video, he says he needs to “get those spectators either in the playing field or out of the arena.” He further states that he is doing all he can, but there is more to be done and they need more help.

The video was obviously meant to promote Scientology, and it paints it in a positive light, so it does’t seem that would be the reason behind it’s removal from the internet. However, this writer feels that the Church of Scientology had the video pulled from YouTube on the basis of copyright infringement. Clearly it was not meant for mass distribution in such a venue and, while YouTube has not made such a comment, it would seem that they honored their policy to pull materials that are uploaded without the permission of the copyright owner.

The Sims 3 Console Version Review

The simple pleasures of the Sims is taken to a whole new level in Sims 3. The amount of control you have over their lives is even more so than other Sims games because of the new karma powers. You can have your Sims win the lottery or have them lose the house in a meteor shower induced fire, you can make them fail at everything or succeed at everything for a time and you can even bring them back to life. It is hard to put into words how fun it is to control their lives or even to explain why it is fun, it just is. Another improvement from previous games is the ability to perform different tasks at work such as slacking off or sucking up to the boss. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, for example working hard raises stress more than working normal but gains more progress towards a promotion whereas slacking off decreases stress but does not gain you progress towards a promotion. Which is a huge step up from disappearing in a building for 8 hours.

This is a review of the console version, so I should tell you what that means. First of all don’t be frightened that this is yet another crappy Sims port it is vastly superior to their previous attempts to put the Sims on a console. With the ps3 or 360 graphics on an HD TV this game is rather pretty not like awe inspiring beauty but because it is all under your control there was probably only so much they could do. The online features are not as amazing as the computer version but you can still upload and download created and customized items. The main advantages to getting the console version are you don’t need a computer capable of running it and because it is on a console you know your machine will run it as smoothly as any other. There are drawbacks however, for example the loading times can be quite long sometimes, I have seen them last 12 seconds and they occur whenever you try to view an area that your selected Sim is not currently in, which if you try and control a large family can be quite a lot of the time.

This game is easy and fun, like most Sims games and anyone can jump right in. Before you know it you will be spending hours fulfilling your Sim’s lifetime wish raising a family and in general living life. There is so much to do I personally can’t even imagine doing it all. In my opinion it is a great game to have around the house you can pick it up whenever and pick up where you left off or start a new family. And because it is November as I am writing this I feel inclined to point out that it is a great gift for your kids or grandkids. It is rated T for teen and sells for between 50 and 60$ on console. As far as videogames go it is pretty non violent and does not generally promote bad behaviors but it is still entertaining. While I am sure many people will say things that make it sound like a horrible abomination that teaches your kids it’s ok to A or not to B let’s face it everything does these days, I doubt you could find one chapter of any book that no one disapproved of much less an entire game. I would recommend this game to just about anyone.

The Proper Way to Handle Your Data Recovery Process

We are now living in an era often called as the computer or digital age. Technology really plays a major part in our everyday lives. People have become more dependent on modern tools, especially computers because they can help make a task easy. A job that usually requires a lot of time and effort can be carried out easily and quickly. Almost every industry depends on computers to run their business, from manufacturing to ordering to distribution. But like any other man-made things, computers can also encounter problems and this can have a big effect on the user be it on a personal or business level. It can result to loss of some important files, documents and information and a hard drive data recovery procedure must be performed to salvage them.

Data recovery cannot be performed just by anyone who is just curious because it can lead to an even bigger problem. A person must be well-informed and very familiar with computers to be able to take on the process of hard disk data recovery. It requires expertise and experienced skills. Trying to fix the problem by yourself may not solve the problem sometimes and instead, it could result into an even bigger chain of problems.

If you do not have experienced knowledge on data recovery, it would be advisable to seek help from people who do. You can opt to call for a home service or take your computer directly to a service center for computers. They should be able to do a troubleshooting by checking your computer system. This will help them analyze the problem and take the appropriate actions to fix it. You can also ask them to do a hard disk backup. To make sure you are getting professional and quality service, choose a licensed person or a repair center that offers insurance or warranty for their service.

Getting professional help may cost more but you can be sure your computer problem will be addressed accordingly. Trying to do all the work by yourself or have it done by another inexperienced person could cost you even more in terms of time and perhaps even a major system failure.

Taking good care of your computers is a must for usage longevity. Never attempt to hit your computers out of frustration to avoid hard drive and motor damages. These kind of issues are hard to fix and costly. If you have a damaged hard drive, do not attempt to pull it apart because it is made of very tiny components that are sensitive and could easily get lost. Give your computer the proper care and repair it needs in professional hands. The amount spent usually outweighs the inconvenience of not having the problem fixed.

The Basics of Changing a PC Power Supply

The PC power supply is one of the most resilient components in the PC. Unless it has a manufacturing fault, it is unlikely to go wrong for many years; when it does go wrong, however, it is fortunately not very difficult to swap and, depending on the type of PC you own, is also not incredibly expensive.

It is important to note that, although it is not particularly difficult to change for somebody with a little technical know-how, if you install it improperly, it has the potential to harm you or your computer. In view of this, if you are unsure, ask a technically-minded friend or PC technician to replace the part for you.

The first step in changing the PC power supply is actually checking that that it is the component at fault. It is most likely to be the power supply at fault if, when you press the button to turn on the PC, nothing happens at all (no lights come on and the fan does not start). If you happen to have another old PC, try disconnecting its power supply and connecting the potentially faulty one to its motherboard — if it still does not turn on, then it is likely to be the power supply to blame.

You may need to consult a power supply guide to ensure that you purchase the correct replacement part. In general, the power supply will transform the incoming power (which is 110 or 220 V) into a much lower voltage direct current, which will flow from the computer’s motherboard and power all of its components.

The more components that are in the PC, the higher power drain will be; but in general the power supply can supply power of up to about 350 Watts, which is more than enough to power several DVD drives, the fans, hard drives, etc. To extend the life of your power supply, consider buying one that outputs out more power than the components in your PC consume — this way it will not be running at full power all the time and its lifetime will be extended.

There are a few main types of supply you are likely to come across. The most common are the ATX and ATX-2. These are used in all modern PCs; however, if you have a slightly older PC (several years), it may have an AT power supply. When changing it you will need to ensure you fit the correct type.

The procedure for changing the supply will differ from computer to computer. However, in general, the procedure is to turn off the power to the PC completely and unplug the power cord from the wall. Take all the power cables out of the motherboard and then unscrew the screws from the casing around the supply. Swap the power unit and then screw it back in; only then should you replace the cables to the motherboard.

As discussed above, the PC power supply is a very resilient piece of equipment. However, if it does go wrong, the good news is that it is easy and quick to replace.

Supersonic! a Review of the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

I remember the days when a water pick was the latest technology for dental care. Then came the angled toothbrush and, more recently, the battery operated spin brushes. Dental technology is improving for the at-home user of oral care products. When I receive a Philips Sonicare Toothbrush in the mail as part of a Bzz Campaign, I was both amazed and surprised at this high-tech toothbrush. Maybe I was expecting another brand of the typical battery operated toothbrush, but the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush arrived in a shiny new box with a warranty and a cord to plug in for charging.

The Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Challenge

The first thing that I noticed about the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush was that it seemed to have a smaller brush than the average adult sized toothbrush. The bristles on the brush are varied in length and texture, to provide better cleaning in hard to reach areas between teeth and gums. The Philips Sonicare does not have a rounded raised top bristle like my former Crest Spin Brush, but the spin function is very similar, yet more powerful.

My first experience brushing with the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush was rather messy. I prepared the toothbrush with a generous layer of toothpaste, rinsed under water for a few seconds to wet the brush and set the toothpaste, and then proceeded to brush my teeth. The result was a spinning splattering of toothpaste all over the vanity mirror. The power of the Sonicare Toothbrush surprised me and I now make sure that all the toothpaste is settled well into the toothbrush grooves before turning the power on. One drawback of all that power is that it is almost necessary to keep your mouth closed or at least partially closed while brushing.

The Philips Sonicare Toothbrush comes with a corded electric charger and base. I have not had to recharge the toothbrush since I first began using it, over ten days ago, and the directions for use suggest that the toothbrush is ideal for traveling because of the long charge life. It has a hard plastic case that fits over the brush part of the toothbrush to keep it sanitary and clean between uses. One of the best features of the Philips SonicCare Toothbrush is the two minute timer that turns the toothbrush power off at the two minute mark. Since this is a powerful toothbrush, excessive brushing could wear the enamel on the teeth down.

I am very impressed with the dental technology that allows me to feel like I had a full cleaning at the dentist each time I use the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush. Though the brush provides powerful spinning action on the teeth and gums, the cleaning is gentle. Philips provides a money back guarantee for this product if consumers are not satisfied with the performance. There is also a warranty available with the purchase of the toothbrush. Philips Sonicare Toothbrush promises to improve your dental health, especially in areas where a dentist has identified as potential dental problems.

Overall, the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush has won my loyalty as a long-term user. There are a few different models available at different prices, but the general cost seems to be about $60 for the Phillips SonicCare Toothbrush, and Target had one on sale last week for $47. It may not be as cheap as the $3 regular toothbrush, but it does the work of a dental hygienist when you brush your teeth with it regularly and that should certainly save some dental bills in the long run.

Stretching Coupons

Clipping coupons are one of the oldest saving techniques. They, however, get passed buy routinely. Seeing a coupon for $0.25 off might not seem like that big of a deal, but they add up. There are several ways you can make coupons work harder for you. You could check for store policies on coupons. Finding out other people’s secrets to using coupons could really save you more than you think.

Clipping coupons might seem tedious, but you don’t need to. Coupons are now available online, so you only need to print the ones you need. Most coupon sites even have the ability to keep lists on file of what you normally print, and send you an email, letting you know your “favorite” items have coupons available. You can also check out some of your grocery stores online. They usually keep the current ads available, and let you print the coupons too. No more clipping the coupons you think might use, to find them expired by the time you do. If the coupons are expired, they don’t show up, saving you time and hassle of going through the ones you clip.

Some stores even have a day that they accept coupons for double their value. This is a great day to shop for items. It usually doesn’t apply to store coupons, but it does on manufacturer coupons. Some discount stores even take them, calling around would benefit you. The lower the original price, the more beneficial the coupon is to you.

Personally, my favorite time to grocery shop, it when the ads have most of my list in the ads, usually the end of the month. I them plan to shop on the day my stores grant double value for the food I was already going to buy. Not only is it on sale, but the coupon value is doubled, I’ve actually gotten money back doing this (although, it may not always happen, so don’t expect it all the time).

You can even visit the websites of some of your favorite brands and find some more of their coupon. Some of the offering companies require you to sign up for a newsletter, or something equivalent, but it’s worth a couple extra emails for those extra savings.

My husband thought I was wasting time. So, one month, I put the money I saved from my coupons in a coffee can. At the end of the month, he was shocked at the amount of money We had saved, He no longer doubts my coupons. Just for fun, you should try it for one month, then see how much you would’ve spent without them. You, like my husband, may be very surprised.

So next time you pass by the coupon section of the paper, remember: Weather you’re clipping or printing, coupons can be very beneficial, granted you use them to their full benefit. You’d be surprised how fast the small amounts of the coupons can add up on a grocery bill.

Soccer Bars In San Diego

With the FIFA 2010 World Cup fast approaching people all around the globe will be heading to watering holes all around the world to catch some of the action of the most popular sporting event of all time. If you’ll be in San Diego while the tournament is going on, there are two places that you’ll want to catch the action for a great atmosphere and a good time: The Shakespeare Pub amp; Grill and Phileas Foggs Bar amp; Restaurant.

The Shakespeare Pub amp; Grill is my top recommendation. Located in Little Italy (3701 India St. San Diego, CA 92103) It is a traditional styled English pub that is often frequented by fans of the English Premier League on a weekly basis, where they watch the best teams in England fight for the title. Among the crowd there, you’ll be see people who are very knowledgeable about their soccer and if you’re new to the sport, you’ll be able to find someone to explain all the nuances to you.

It’s got a charming English pub feel to it. You’ll see the wooden tables and chairs and to an extent the interior resembles a quaint English cottage. On the menu you’ll find some English pub meals, things like Shepherd’s Pie, Steak and Mushroom Pie, and Fish and Chips-you’ll also find American favorites like hamburgers. I highly recommend the fish and chips. There’s also a wide selection of beers.

For the World Cup, the Shakespeare will be showing every single match. There will be a $10 cover charge added to your tab, but I highly recommend it. The atmosphere at The Shakespeare during a sporting event is top notch-arguably the best at a San Diego bar. Their hours are Mon-Thu 11:00am-12:00am; Fri 11:00am-1:00am, Sat 7:00am-1:00am, Sun 8:00am-12:00am. For the games earlier than the open hours, the pub will be open. The matches will be shown on their Hi-Definition TVs located in every corner of the pub.

If you’re in North County San Diego, you might want to consider Phileas Fogg’s Bar and Restaurant, located half a mile east of the I-15 (11386 Poway Road, #100 San Diego, CA). Like Shakespeare’s Pub and Grill, this is a bar that has earned an establish reputation as a soccer bar. They open early for early games and serve a full English breakfast, which I highly recommend. Again, I recommend the pub chips here. Dip these into curry sauce and experience an explosion of flavors.

The experience is very much like the “neighborhood pub” that so many people in England have, which is sadly something we don’t have in America (as a former resident of the UK, I can say that with great certainty). It’s become a place that many people from around their world can call their “local pub”. The atmosphere is great, it’s a well maintained and very clean pub with a darts board, quiz machines, and six TVs around the bar. They also boast a beer selection of over 125 different choices.

Like Shakespeare’s Pub, Phileas Fogg’s are going to be showing every single match for the World Cup. On their website it remarks that because of the estimated popularity that a ticketing system will be implemented-but it shouldn’t be too hard to get in and have a good time. With six high definition TVs around the bar, it’s guaranteed good viewing. Their hours of operation are Mon-Fri 11:00am-11:00pm, Sat 7:00am-11:00pm, Sun 8:00am-11:00pm. For the earlier World Cup games, though, they will be open.

Both Shakespeare’s Pub and Grill and Phileas Fogg’s Bar and Restaurant are the two best soccer bars in San Diego in terms of atmosphere, crowd, and general viewing of the televisions. You’ll get to experience authentic pub food, great drinks, and I’d venture it is the most accurate pub experience you could wish for in Southern California. If you head out for the World Cup to either of these watering holes, I hope to see you there!

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