The past few weeks have been filled with interviews for a new Drupal developer position at Star Group. With the job market as it is today, one would think we wouldn’t have a tough time filling a position. This is not the case with web developers, especially so with those that have experience with Drupal. Many of the great Drupal developers have been snatched up by other vendors or agencies, so we really look for shining qualities in the candidates we interview. Beyond the prerequisite skill-set of a potential employee, one of the strongest qualities I look for is being passionate towards web development.

But how do I define what makes a great candidate? There’s obviously no clear cut answer, but I would love to see someone that…

  • Works on Drupal builds during the day, always looking for faster and better methods
  • Stays up to date on the latest jQuery API (they release updates often enough)
  • Explores new web technologies in spare time, like SASS and HAML

There’s much more I look for, but the point is a passionate individual pursuing web development will find every opportunity to expand their knowledge. Is there time to relax and do what one enjoys? Well, the beauty of being passionate about what you do is that many find it relaxing and enjoyable to learn more about their field. It doesn’t hurt to be young and without a lot of responsibilities either ;).Drupal

Web development is unique in that it’s constantly evolving and expanding – much faster than many would like. My peers and I must always be on top of the latest web trends, especially now with such a large focus on mobile platforms. It can be very overwhelming for someone just starting out, and even worse for someone working in web development when they really have no passion or drive for it. Many fall into this type of work because they’ve lost their jobs and are expanding their horizons. The problem with this? This person didn’t choose to go into web development and may have no drive to become better at it. Getting by with the current trends and technologies is okay, but it won’t help your career down the road.

Whatever web development skill-set a person may currently have, it won’t be very relevant just a few years down the road. Without being willing to put in extra hours and effort to stay on the ball, you will quickly see the industry close in around you and it won’t be pretty. I don’t consider what I do at my day job “work”. Getting up every day and heading off to the office presents me with great learning experiences and opportunities to explore something I have a great deal of interest in.

So during this interview process at Star, I find myself asking questions relevant to a person drive and passion towards Drupal, jQuery, and other relevant areas within the industry. It’s great to work closely with someone who shares your interests, and the company as a whole will benefit.