Yesterday I spent several hours working in the yard. Along with mowing and edging the lawn, our slowly developing flower/shrub beds needed some much needed TLC. Though my lovely wife takes does the brunt of the work in this department, I try to chip in when I can to help keep the weeds at bay and the plants well cared for.

My weekend efforts led me to a little life epiphany. It was not a new point, but one that I was faced with again as I have in the past. Hopefully, I will learn this lesson a little better this go around.

While I was doing the edging, I realized part way through that I had neglected to put the hose away first, therefore it crossed my path in several places as I worked my way around the yard. Rather than put down the edger and simply put the hose away, I did what most of us do, which is to just kick it out of the way as I came across it. I hope I am not the only one that takes that lazy approach to things. I’ll end up having to put the hose away later anyway, but to stop what I am doing at that moment and take care of it seems like a burden. In the big picture, I am actually relegating myself to more work, but it doesn’t seem like that at the moment of course.

All this background leads me to my point. As I kick at the hose to move it out of the way, one spot moves a little, but most of the hose ignores my prod. I kick at it in another place, only to have my original kick get negated as the hose in that spot moves back into its original place. As I mentally curse this result, I continue to kick until the hose moves enough for my needs, also calling on Murphy and his blasted law. Things always seem to work against me, move into exactly the wrong spot, and so on.

I stepped back in this situation and laugh a bit at myself. With my rational mind prevailing, I really had Newton to blame. No, it wasn’t gravity in this instance, but the laws of Physics were working just as they always do. I was creating a simple wave with my kick, resulting in the movement of the hose as it was. We all know that you can’t push a rope or a hose in this instance. Pulling the hose is far more productive. That doesn’t stop us from trying to push that hose of course. Are we just that stubborn, or do we typically act before analyzing a situation for the best way to approach it.

How many times do we curse Murphy when something falls and breaks, of course, when in reality we set up the situation by not looking at all the factors involved and the likely outcome based on some simple Physics. I know that I often get the visual and mental blinders on when I am caught up in my business of the day, failing to look in a wider view at every situation in order to handle it in a better way. I compare this to a basketball point guard or football quarterback. Those with the wider court or field vision, or the ability to see the developing situations, on the whole, are far more successful than those that hone in on their preferred end to the play.

So with this situation, though I tend to blame Murphy and plead for those blasted situations to quit happening to me; I try to step back and see where I set up that little “destiny” to take place and change my actions in the future.