There are so many hair products available to women these days that most of us don’t even know what to do with all of them. Our bathrooms are packed with all sorts of bottles filled with everything from shampoos to hair sprays. But think, only a little over a century ago women did not have these luxuries. Not only was their no shampoo there was no conditioner or hair spray. So the question is, what did women do to keep their hair healthy and beautiful???

Instead of Shampoo:

  • In Indonesia, women made a special recipe to clean their hair. They took the rice straw and peel and burned it until it turned into ash. Then they took the ash and mixed it with water until it foamed. They used this foam to wash their hair. Because this method left their hair dry they then soaked their hair in coconut oil. Check out the Coconut Oil Hair Masks
  • Native Americans used the root of Carnations to wash their hair. They also had a dandruff remedy made from Chaparral bush.
  • Before shampoo one of the most popular methods of washing hair was with white clay. People took a little bit of clay and mixed it with a little bit of water until it became a mushy substance. They used it just like we use shampoo today.
  • Only half a century ago women in Eastern Europe washed their hair with apple cider vinegar because shampoo was considered a major luxury. Check out the Nettle/Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask
  • Another popular way of washing hair was with rye bread. ~ Quick recipe: Brew the rye bread in boiling water until it starts to ferment. Take the bread, squeeze and throw away. Into the “decoction” add whey. Mix it all together and use like you would a shampoo. ~

Folk Hair Masks:

  • Women in China applied fragrant cedar extract on their hair to promote hair strength. Click here to check out the Ceder Nut Oil Hair Mask Recipe
  • Arab women brewed quinces peel and put it in their hair.
  • Filipino women took aloe and soaked that in cold water.
  • The chicken egg was used to rubbed into wet hair for 10 minutes and then washed off. (I still know women who do this today).

Ancient Hair Dyes:

  • Egyptians used resin and colophony to care for their hair. They also used Henn as a hair dye.
  • In old Russia, girls used oak bark and chamomile to dye their hair.
  • In ancient Rome, walnut shells were used as a hair dye.

Old Styling Methods:

  • Honey was used to style hair in the same way we use hair gel today.
  • Flaxseed decoction was also used for styling hair. ~ Quick recipe: Take some flax seeds and boil them in a cup of water for 1 minute. Let it steep for 1 hour and then strain. Use it like you would use a hair spray. ~