Nothing is more boring than being at a camp site with nothing to do. Given that the outdoors offers so many activities for you and your family, you really should never be bored. When you go camping, make sure you’re prepared with volleyballs, beach balls, water guns and whatever else you think might add some fun to your vacation. There’s a million things to do, you just have to find a fun idea that suits your taste.

Camp Fires

Camp fires are almost synonymous with camp sites. They offer tons of different options for fun for the whole family. Sit around a camp fire and tell each other some scary stories or get a guitar and sing songs all through the night. You can also get some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, and make some s’mores. A camp fire always brings fun to outdoor camp sites.

Fun Outdoor Camp Ideas

Music Performance

The outdoors offers many things for you to make music with. Find a trashcan, break some branches off of a tree, and you have a drum set. Get some pine cones and rub a branch up and down it for some unique musical tones. Be creative and you could start your own band one day.

Scavenger Hunt

Most camp sites offer tons of things to discover while enjoying your stay. Set up a list of things to go look for and you can be occupied all day. A maple leaf, the largest pine cone you can find, a seashell, a sand dollar, some crab legs and a penny are some great things to go searching for. If you want to make it hard, make contestants catch a fish at the end. The possibilities are endless. You can even hide your own items around the camp site to supervise things more easily.

Fun Outdoor Camp Ideas

Explore the Wonders of Nature

Birds, insects and animals are all over camp sites. Be careful and go out as a group and go sightseeing. Take a camera and binoculars and see what types of birds are around the area, pick some pretty flowers and take pictures of roaming deer. Exploring the outdoors is one of the best things you can do when you’re camping out.

Water Fight

Get some water guns and water balloons. Camp sites usually have great spaces where people can set up their own forts and bases and have large water battles. You can add some capture the flag rules to make things more exciting or just keep soaking each other until you get tired.

Fun Outdoor Camp Ideas


Set up two teams and go play hide and seek out in the night. Each team gets a minute to go hide and then the other team tries to find them. Since the space is so large, it’s not going to be that easy to be found. But make sure not to hide where you will never be found. The last thing you want is for the game to be over and you’re still hiding in a tree trunk. Once you find a person, bring him/her to a designated place and keep them there. Once one team finds everybody, switch roles.