It’s been some time since I have come on over to WGG to rant, but today’s news of people dying because of frantic crowds on Black Friday has driven me back.

Wal-Mart worker dies in rush; two killed at the toy store

Are you kidding me? Seriously, what deal is worth causing the death of another human being? How materialistic have we become where we lose all common sense and make being one of the select few to get a doorbuster deal our biggest priority? Is a low-quality TV worth that much?

I’ve written previously that there is seldom if any deal that even gets me out the door on Black Friday, but I have long since given up the idea of camping out to get the loss leader stores put out to draw in (read that as a trick) consumers to visiting their store. There is typically only a handful in stock on the big deal, and often those items are the low-quality version of what you can get.

All that aside, I have to come back to the complete idiocy of an entire crowd that rushes their way through doors, intent on doing whatever it takes to rush to the deal. So intent is these people that they are literally stomping an employee to death. I am appalled at these people and all those that may not have killed someone but shed their humanity in the name of saving a few bucks and getting something for the holidays.